Episode 97: The Twilight Zone Matters… But Why Tho?

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Twilight Zone - But Why Tho

This week we talk about The Twilight Zone, the 60-year-old franchise that is as timeless as it is terrifying. We talk about its social themes, its remakes, and how it has maintained a place in our lives, with same problems, decades after airing. We do it all with the help of Alex, from What We Talk About When We Talk About. Find out why The Twilight Zone is still going strong and is in its third reboot this year and join our hosts as we question why we can’t seem to move past long-standing fears and societal issues.

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50 Years Later, Rod Serling’s Play Is Performed

The creator of the television series The Twilight Zone often battled with the networks over the content of his scripts. Noon on Doomsday inspired by Emmett Till’s story, was considered too hot for TV in the 50’s. It was peformed for the first time Saturday night.