Ep 9: The Legendary Podcast pt 1 of 4: From scrub to red ranks within season 1 ft AverageVideoGameJoe

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Unconventional Geek is here with AverageVideoGameJoe,

who is an incredible gamer, community creator, and shout-caster. 

He is a legend with the Tekken 7 community going from scrub to red ranks within season 1 of the game. Starting to stream as a way to benchmark his computer. Breaking the normal and starting his own “Dojo” for Tekken fighters old, new, pro, or new. 

Average Video Game Joe:

TwitchTv: https://www.twitch.tv/averagevideogamejoe

Twitter: https://twitter.com/avgvideogamejoe

Tekken FGC Discord for Scrub Dojo: https://discord.gg/RC4Qttp

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