PAX East 2019: Cosplay Round-up

Reading Time: 2 minutes

PAX East 2019 played host to not only to numerous examples of brilliant video game design over the past week but also equally brilliant cosplay creations. Everything from classic favorites like Lara Croft, and Link, to newer stars like Akali from K/DA, and Alloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn were on the show floor. Artists in every form of the word came out to showcase their passion for creation and ingenuity. They succeeded in impressing me.

Some choices were obviously inspired by the hosting city, as was the case with numerous Overwatch characters decked out in their Boston Uprising skins. Others were choices made for the technical challenge and uniqueness such as the beauty obsessed Beauvoir from Nier: Automata, who I never thought I’d see created in real life.

During the Gearbox Panel, President and CEO of Gearbox Randy Pitchford made it a point to praise the many cosplayers present sporting the vestige of many iconic characters from Gearbox’s own Borderlands series. He mentioned how inspiring it was to see cosplayers make in real life, what he and his people had only done digitally. The passion the community held for Gearbox’s franchise, along with so many others, was truly impressive. It had to be an extraordinary moment for those cosplayers to have their work directly praised by one of the luminaries who had inspired them in the first place.

In many ways, the creativity, passion, determination, skill, and availability for all to participate in cosplay, are shining examples of all the best things that video games aspire to be.  They have become a staple of the convention experience, and I hope that never changes. So, here’s just a small sample of the brilliance that was on display at PAXEast this year. I could’ve easily spent the entire convention snapping pictures of all these amazing talents. And it would not have been a wasted convention.

I hope you enjoy.