COMING SOON: ‘Worse Than Death,’ a new Horror Game From Benjamin Rivers

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High school is one of those romanticized and talked about parts of our lives. From Japanese anime to Disney’s High School Musical, High school is a common focus in fictional storytelling. This romanticizing of high school is even bigger when the either long-awaited or  long-dreaded high school reunion comes along. For Canada-based Indie developer, Benjamin Rivers, this setting marks the stage for his newest video game, one filled with horror.

Worse than Death is a new side-scrolling survival horror experience, where players investigate the town’s high school and its surroundings to discover the cause of a terrifying disturbance. This unknown fear is encouraged by the emotions of the young female protagonist, and the high-school class she graduated with. What was supposed to be a high-school reunion has gone terribly wrong, and now the hero must investigate, puzzle, solve, and fight for her life, while also addressing her past, her high school classmates, and her own security.

While not much is known about Worse Than Death, the trailer reveals a terrifying experience, where players will navigate through their alma mater, search for clues, talk to classmates, and avoid a horrifying entity at all costs. Expect the game to be similar to Rivers’ previous works, Alone With You and Home.

In each game, players had to navigate an environment, collect items, and solve puzzles. Worse Than Death appears to be in that very vein. Mr. Rivers is actively fleshing out the story on Discord at this moment, drawing sketches of the characters and environment as well. Discord users will have the opportunity to shape how the story goes as well, with the trailer promises to bring a scary and emotional story, you can help. For those intrigued by the game and the trailer, head on over to Discord.

Worse Than Death arrives for PlayStation 4 later in 2019. Other system appearances are possible.