REVIEW: ‘Star Wars Adventures.’ Issue #19

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Star Wars Adventures #19

Published by IDW Publishing, Star Wars Adventures #19 continues the young adult series of anthology comic books for Star Wars canon. Issue 19 is comprised of two different short stories: Roger Roger” and Tales from Wild Space: The Big March.” The two stories per issue have been a staple of the series since its inception in 2017 and provide adventures that are short, to the point, and are not related to each other.

“Roger Roger”

Star Wars Adventures #19

Roger Roger” is written by seasoned Star Wars author Cavan Scott, and features art from Mauricet, colors from Charlie Kirchoff, and is lettered by Tom B. Long.  The story takes place during the Clone Wars and features General Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, and an unexpected friendly clanker on a battlefield in the Crantori System.

As fans of the the animated show Star Wars: The Clone Wars know, the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, often featured battles on underdeveloped planets in important strategic positions. “Roger Roger”takes place on such a planet, inhabited by a never before seen frog-like species called Horians.  While attempting to evacuate a group of Horian children from a Separatist incursion, everyone’s favorite clone trooper Captain Rex is cut off from his the rest of is unit and requests assistance. General Kenobi answers his call and the two attempt to fight their way through the droid army to get to the evacuation point.

Star Wars Adventures #19

In the midst of the battle, Kenobi deflects a blaster bolt into an attack B-1 Battle Droid as a Jedi Master tends to do. Instead of the droid falling limp, the bolt seems to reprogram the droid into a self-aware clanker that is set on fighting together with Kenobi and Rex against his former droid allies. What ensues is the unlikely trio working together to get out of their sticky situation.

With a few twists and turns, Cavan Scott will keep readers intrigued with the compelling dynamic between the trio. The art and colors that is reminiscent of the animated series and will have you wanted to go back and watch all of the great moments between Kenobi and Rex. Further, readers of the most recent novels Star Wars  will get a hint of the relationship between the modified B-1 Battle Droid, Mister Bones, and Temmin Wexley from the Aftermath trilogy  that takes place well after the Clone Wars.

Tales from Wild Space: “The Big March”

The next story in issue 19 is written by Nick Brokenshire, who is also credited as the artist and the colorist. Long pulls double duty in this issue as the letterer for this story as well the first.  While the story is separate from the one above, readers will still find a through line in the guise of a different B-1 Battle Droid.

Tales from Wild Space: “The Big March” follows the misfortunes of a B-1 Battle Droid, Q5-7070, who is separated from his company on an “uninhabited” region during the second year of the Clone Wars. On his trek to return to who his unit that has flown off planet, Q5-7070 meets all manner of creatures on the previous though to be unpopulated planet.  While there aren’t major moments that will advance the canon in any way, there are endearing moments on Q5’s adventure. With colorful and imaginative art, we are introduced creatures never before seen in the Star Wars universe that have their own quirks and personalities. The story is short but will leave the reader curious about all of the untold adventures with the aliens that inhabit a galaxy far, far away.

The personality of Bats in Roger Roger Q5-7070 in Tales from Wild Space: “The Big March” really shows the missed opportunity for the movies to show the consciousness that the battle droids are able to convey. While I would love to see a B-1 Droid show the kinds of emotion and reasoning that is displayed by fan favorite droids like R2-D2 or K-2SO, I am thankful for stories presented in Issue 19 that show even the foot solider droids aren’t just mindless buckets of bolts like we are led to believe.

As I mentioned in my review of Star Wars Adventures: Issue 18, I still think waiting for the larger volumes is the way to go for this series. I will admit that I enjoyed both of these stories much more than the previous issues. However, these short stories are really just appetizers that I think will be much more digestible for Star Wars fans of all facets in a bigger serving size as they typically are realized with clearer themes.

Star Wars Adventures #19 is available everywhere comics are sold.


Star Wars Adventures #19


I enjoyed both of the stories in Star Wars Adventures #19 much more than the previous issues. However, these short stories are really just appetizers that I think will be much more digestible for Star Wars fans of all facets in a bigger serving size as they typically are realized with clearer themes.