4 Reasons to Pick Up ‘Anthem’ when it Launches on Xbox One

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4 Reasons to Pick Up Anthem

Anthem has dropped for PC already, as has the 10-hour trial for the Xbox. I have had a lot of time in both demos along with the trial, as I’m on Xbox. Here are four reasons you should give this game a look and be hyped for Bioware’s latest AAA IP.

Javelin Customization

4 Reasons to Pick Up Anthem

I had to start with the customization of the Javelin because it is truly robust. The customization allows players to change things such as armor styles, colors, decals, and even materials. The armor was limited in the beta but in the trial, there’s a much larger variety to be earned and bought.

The colors in Anthem are near infinite. If you don’t like the colors they have shown, you can go to “custom colors” and play around with the color wheel to find the ideal color that fits you. Decals can also be added to your Javelins, they vary from minimalist graphics to over the top designs. These also can be purchased with coin (in-game currency) or shards (premium currency), as well as  unlocked through play.

Lastly, we have the materials, which range from hard plastic to metallic and things in between. This is specifically the material that your armor is made from which gives it a unique look. If you have a specific look in mind for your Javelin with enough time and patience, you can achieve it. You can also even change the “wear” of you armor, you start off with old and dirty, but as you play through the game you unlock other “wear states” too.

The choices for customization are abundant and you could easily spend hours in the Forge decking out your perfect Javelin. If you want to show off on a world stage you can even submit your creations here or via Twitter using the hashtag: #MyJavelin.


Freeplay is where you get to craft your own adventures and it has hours of content tucked away in the area. You can roam about and fly through the air, enjoying the scenery. Or you can hunt down indigenous creatures that vary between hostile and docile. You can also participate in various world events that can lead to other hidden areas on the map or just go about looking for plants, boxes, and decrepit Javelins for crafting materials and discover lore.

Personally, I enjoy world events because they can vary in a range of complexity and difficulty. One world event had me tracking down pieces to a weird beacon, as well as hunting down two hostile creatures called an Ursix. Another one had me slay enemies that were in Javelins of their own. This mission ramped up the difficulty rather quickly as the main targets were Legendary enemies with lots of shields and health. It forced my team to coordinate attacks and even use our Ultimates to take them out.

I also have to say that the rewards you earn from completing world events are usually very lucrative.


In Anthem your suit’s mobility is determined by class. Interceptor is the most agile Javelin having 3 jumps and the most mobility, while the Colossus is the slowest. Even with that difference, the movement is still fluid and responsive. Flying in Anthem is also a lot of fun. Just being able to move about the map through the air is an experience to be had.

However, if you happen to fly too long without landing or using water you will overheat. Overheating will prevent your Javelin from flying for about three seconds. This can also happen if you’re plagued with a “on fire” status or electrocuted as they overheat your jets automatically. So when flying, water is good for you, fire and electricity are bad and need to be avoided at all costs if you can help it. Being near water means that you’re being “cooled” allowing your jets to keep from overheating. If you happen to either fly underwater or through a waterfall your jets are instantly cooled down and you can continue to fly for longer periods of time.

While hovering, you’re stable which allows you to scan the area, shoot enemies, or even use your ultimate ability. While you’re on the ground, movement is sprinting. This movement feels just as responsive as flying, but flying is way more fun.


Aside from Javelin armor customization, the Forge is where you go to change loadouts and craft. Loadouts are the items you equip to your Javelin. Equipping better items change the “level” of your Javelin and raising your level allows you to access harder content, which would be ultimately getting to level 30 and playing on Grandmaster difficulty.

Aside from just equipping gear you find in missions and freeplay, you can also utilize the Forge to craft items that you have unlocked. Crafting is a good way to get good stat rolls on your gear. To get most crafting materials you need to either break down unused gear, but some components can only be found via harvesting in Freeplay. This helps keep your favorite weapons (pre-masterwork/legendary) from being deemed useless, as crafted gear is always skilled up to your highest level.

These are my 4 things in Anthem that I’ve had a lot of fun within my 10 hour trial, and I’m looking forward to playing much more on the 22nd, when the game releases for consoles.