REVIEW: ‘The Freeze,’ Issue #2

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Freeze #2, published by Image Comics’ imprint Top Cow, is written by Dan Wickline, art by Phillip Sevy, letters by Troy Peteri,  edited Elena Salcedo and Matt Hawkins, will have readers following the crew from the first part of Issue #1 as they are on the run from whoever or whatever was chases them at the end of the issue. Some of the backstory is divulged about why the young girl is being hunted, she seems to have the same “power” as  Ray in which she can “unfreeze” people.

Readers are also are given more information on Ray and his crew and their struggles of living in this world that’s frozen in time. Readers are also introduced to a new characters as well, with one in particular, being very helpful to Ray in a time of crisis from some undesirables.

The art in The Freeze #2, which is done by Phillip Sevy, is still amazing. The attention to detail is spot on from simple aspects such as vehicles to more complex scenarios like the design of buildings and supermarkets are great. The cover art from first glance, gives off vibes of something more dark and sinister. Also that something dealing with organs would be involved.

The coloring in this issue seems very bold in a lot of areas, but there are some areas where it feels muted and dull. Possibly due to larger scenes, thus saturation of the colors aren’t needed. This choice personally does take away from the scenes a bit, but not enough to prevent me from reading or being truly distracted by it. Hopefully the scenes will look more vibrant in the future.

The panels are also properly sized so all the elements within have space to “breathe” and not feel cluttered up, even when there’s a lot going on within the page. They’re also very easy to follow regardless of if they’re horizontally or vertically placed or even have both used simultaneously. For example, when Ray does his monologue, they have horizontal and vertical panels on the page and it flows very well.

Dan Wickline has continued to do some amazing writing in The Freeze. In this issue is a lot darker than the previous issue and it’s personally a great move. Ray comes off more bold and understands the situation that’s fallen upon the world much better. We also know that Ray has the ability to “reanimate” people from their frozen state. There is a religious emphasis in the story surrounding Ray. There’s also some romance in the story, which is a nice break from the main story line.

Overall, The Freeze #2 is fun but does leave the reader questioning what Ray did to cause these new issues he’s facing. Also are there other people around him that have been “unfrozen” without his touch? Does someone else have the same ability? What will happen to the crew who’s running from whatever is chasing them?

Solid issue, however, the reader will be left with a lot more questions than answers this time around.

The Freeze #2


Overall, The Freeze #2 is fun but does leave the reader questioning what Ray did to cause these new issues he’s facing.