Year in Review: Pop-Culture in 2018

Reading Time: 4 minutes

As we look back on 2018, Matt Donahue (Founder & Content Strategist) sat down with Drew Garland (Contributor and Podcaster) to look at a few questions to wrap up the year in Pop Culture and look at some of our favorite things from 2018. 

Question 1: Favorite Movie/Movie experience?

Matt: My favorite movie was easily hands down Mission Impossible: Fallout. I might be one of my favorite movies of all-time. We had an advanced screening and they showed all the behind the scenes stunt work after the movie.

Drew: I remember the But Why Tho? Mission Impossible podcast episode, the passion runs deep. I’m behind in my Mission Impossible watching, the fact the movies are no longer sequentially numbered is intimidating. For me I had really good experiences at the theater seeing the Mr. Rogers documentary, Won’t You be my Neighbor?  and checking out Crazy Rich Asians with a packed theater. It was a year of blockbusters but I gravitated towards the smaller crowd pleasers.

Matt: It is funny how you define smaller crowd pleasers when both those movies were enormously successful. I will say it was a great year for movies. Despite all the big franchise movies doing great, our favorite movies were, I guess you could say still semi-block busters. Still the defining moment for me was that Tom Cruise actually flew a helicopter and did that halo jump.

Question 2: Favorite Pop Culture experience?

Drew: 2018 was a strong year for continuation or renewal for me. I was able to score a ticket for Hamilton when it came to my town, Kelly Thompson’s Rogue and Gambit was an amazing visit back to my 90’s comics childhood, and last but not least Pierce Brown revisited one of my new fave Sci-Fi universes with his continuation of the Red Rising Saga, Iron Gold! All were returns or revisits of beloved pastimes but each one rose above the level of simple nostalgia.

Matt: I feel attacked. I did not read as many books as you did this year. However, I do feel Sci-Fi in general did make a comeback with new shows like Altered Carbon and Travelers among others. While you were reading all the things this year, my favorite pop culture experience was that I was able to attend around 10 conventions with my favorite being PAX East in Boston. We were actually able to make all 3 PAXs in the U.S this year.

Drew: I mentioned ONE BOOK! That is very impressive convention attendance. I only made one con this past year and now I have something to shoot for. Travelers was not on my radar but it is now. I guess it was a good year for Sci-Fi.

Question 3: Favorite Show of the year? Streaming or on network television? 

Matt: This is a really tough one with so many good shows coming out this year. It could be because this is one of the more recent ones I just watched, but my favorite show is The Deep by Tom Taylor on Netflix.

Drew: This was not tough. If you are not watching The Good Place, I don’t know how many other outlets, think pieces, pundits, relatives, and just people with good taste have to tell you to watch. Get over that thing where you don’t want people to tell you what to do, I do that! Just go watch The Good Place. What’s The Deep, I’m intrigued? What’s the elevator pitch?

Matt: I have watched The Good Place, but only a few episodes. I can definitely can tell why people love this show. Elevator pitch for The Deep would be; A family explores the ocean and it’s mysteries. They mixed the love of marine biology with mythology and I think it’s fantastic. Have faith in the fish!

Question 4: What are you psyched for in 2019? And is any of it not a Disney Property?

Drew: No, my top 13 movies for next year is dominated by Disney and even second tier Disney properties like Artemis Fowl look like they are going to blow the doors off of 2019. Between streaming, live attractions and the murderer’s row of movies coming out Disney just needs to start printing money next year. Oh snap, they already do!

Matt: I will venture away from the Disney properties for this question so we can talk about a few other things. First off, The Deep season 3 releases in 2019 so ready for that. As for what I’m most psyched for, that’s How to Train Your Dragon 3, which is from Dreamworks animation. This looks like its going to be a really good year for lot of movies and shows.

Drew: I’m gonna give you the last word on this one, for those of us who are uninitiated, please sell us on the How to Train Your Dragon franchise and what is the viewing order with the movies, Netflix shows and specials. I liked the first movie and the kind, earnest and not shitty fan base makes me want to learn more.

Matt: The best kind of fan bases are the quiet ones. For the order it goes How to Train Your Dragon, the 6 seasons on Netflix, the second movie, and now the third movie. Which leads to everyone hoping they will continue the show afterwards.

With so much that happened in 2018 and so much more coming in 2019, this is a just a sample of our year in reviews. Share your answers to the questions with us or via Twitter, @ButWhyThoPC.