Heroes and Villains Fan Fest San Jose 2018 – ‘Arrow Heroes’ Panel

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During the second day of the 2018 San Jose Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, I was able to attend the ‘Arrow Heroes’ panel. The two panelists featured were Colton Haynes (Roy Harper) and David Ramsey (John Diggle). I had enjoyed Ramsey’s portrayal of John Diggle since the start of season 1 on Arrow and was very excited to hear him talk about the show. Additionally, I was very intrigued when it was announced that Colton would be returning for a bigger role during season 7. I won’t go into spoilers, but what he’s done so far has been very captivating. I’m a bit upset we won’t get to see the rest of his story until the show comes back in January.

Much like the panel for The Flash, there was an introduction segment where they spoke about the show. Just from the introductions, everyone could what close friends Colton and David are. Fans were also allowed to ask questions to the actors. Some of the questions that came up included how Colton felt about his new role as an older Roy and jokingly saying what he had to do to get his body to look a bit older, getting more information about Katherine McNamara (Blackstar), and who, Barry (Grant Gustin) or Oliver (Stephen Amell,) looked better in the Green Arrow suit.

Since their show is the heart of the Arrowverse, they will also be a part of the Elseworlds crossover event. Many of the questions that were asked were about the episodes. David and Colton joked that secrets had been spoiled in the past for other episodes. Both admitted that they were sworn to keep a lot of things about the episode a secret but still managed to give out a few details about the episode.

The topic of Diggle’s future was brought up in a question by a fan. In previous seasons of the Arrowverse shows, several details of Diggle’s future have been discussed. In Legends season 1, the legends find themselves traveling to a future where they never stopped Vandal Savage. This sparked major chaos which led to the death of many heroes in Star City. The current Green Arrow was Connor Hawke (John Diggle Jr.), who is Diggle’s son. Much later, during The Flash episode of The Dominators, Barry (Grant Gustin) reveals to everyone that he went back in time to save his mother from being killed and managed to cause changes to the timeline. In the original timeline, John and Lyla had a baby girl that they named after Sara, but in the post Flashpoint timeline, they had a son named John Diggle Jr. Given that his future has been something that’s teased but we’ve never seen any glimpse of it. To this, Ramsey said:

“We haven’t seen Diggle in the future yet, but I think you guys are going to got get a nice treat in the crossover. For some information about Diggle, I really cant say anything because I’d be giving a big secret away on Diggle’s future. There’s a big tease about Diggle’s future in the crossover.”

This made me more excited to see what the teaser for his future could be. Last season, Oliver had given up the Green Arrow mantle for the sake of his son William. But Diggle was injured from the events of the season 5 finale and could not continue to be the Green Arrow. Could this teaser mean that he’ll take up the mantle once Oliver decides to truly put down his bow? But then what about the current storyline in season 7 that’s set in the future? So many questions, but only time will tell. Ramsey and Haynes also revealed that we would see the Arrow Lair in the crossover event.

One of the biggest questions about the crossover that many fans have had since the release of set pictures was about Barry and Oliver switching lives and suits. A fan at the panel asked David who he thought wore the suits better when it came to Stephen and Grant having to switch suits. He said that both Stephen and Grant wore the other person’s suits well. Grant had his own version of wearing the suit that focused more on style while Stephen is a bit more built. Each had their own unique look for the suits. We’ve seen some previews of them using the suits, but I’m very excited to see how they look in the actual episode.

They also said that there were four Green Arrow suits on set for everyone who was going to wear one. I assume this means that it’s not just Oliver and Barry who will be putting on the suit. David even told a hilarious story about the last day that Stephen had The Flash suit on. It definitely shows Ramsey’s comedic side.

“The day before the last day, Stephen was looking the way he looks in his Flash suit. He said, “David, wait. I just broke in the outfit.” It was just funny watching him walk around in it. With Grant, it was second nature. He picked up the fighting and it was super cool. Oh my God, it was so funny.”

They also mentioned the arrival of former Shadowhunters star Katie McNamara. Ramsey teased that she would have an important role in this week’s episode. Having already aired, I can definitely say she made a big impact on the show. It’ll be interesting to see how she interacts with certain characters.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to what they had to say about the show. With the way the mid-season finale transpired, this is looking up to be quite an exciting season of Arrow. David teased that he would pick up the mantle of Spartan again, but that it would be a journey for his character to get to that place. What they talked about in the panel got me excited for the crossover event and to see how the rest of the season plays out.

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