COMING SOON: New JRPG ‘Get In The Car, Loser!’ from Love Conquers All Games

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At some point in life, we all get sick of the nonsense and the toxicity people can spew. But, in a society that is fundamentally built on consequences, every action we take always results in a negative question and making those in charge just as bad as the bad guys. There is nobility in defiance and doing something because it’s the right thing, even though you may receive a negative consequence.

This is the world established in JRPG, Get In The Car, Loser!, a lesbian-focused role-playing adventure from Love Conquers All Games that puts players on the road trip of their lives. The creative team includes Christine Love, Isaac Robin, Lachlan Cartland, Christa Lee, and Jami Lynne.

Shut Up and Get In The Car, Loser! takes place in a world that is reflective of our own. The legendary warrior, Agi of Roses, fought and successfully defeated the Machine Devil. However, the Machine Devil could neither be killed nor dismantled, and so, he was sealed away via a power weapon, the Sword of Fate. For over a thousand years, the Machine evil was trapped, unable to disrupt the peaceful lands, but history has a means of repeating itself and the minds of humans tend to change.

The evil of the Machine Devil has affected some citizens and their machines. While their numbers began small, this group of cultists has spread ferociously in an attempt to summon the Machine Devil once more. The Divine Order, a group of leaders that protects the land, has decreed not to fight the cultists, for doing so would be uncivil, and make the order as bad as the cultists. However, three students at the Academy of Order disagree and leave The Order to take the fight to the enemy. These three students, one renegade angel, hop in a car and make their way to the Machine Devil. It’s a 2,000-kilometer journey, and they are determined to stop at every diner along the way to saving the world.

Shut Up and Get In The Car, Loser! comes from Love Conquers All Games in Toronto, Ontario. The studio is helmed by Christine Love, Raide, and Isaac Schankler. Love Conquers All Games is known for creating a variety of critically acclaimed visual novels including, Ladykiller in a Bind and Heaven Will Be Mine. After several successful visual novels, the team felt that the time was right to go beyond the visual novel genre and enter the competitive landscape of Japanese role-playing games. Shut Up and Get In The Car, Loser! is shaping to be a refreshing take on the genre, focusing on women, queerness, and lesbians being the hero the world needs.

Players see moments similar to that of a visual novel through the energetic and witty dialogue. Additionally, Shut Up and Get In The Car, Loser! will be a straightforward experience. No secondary quests, maps, or codex entries. In between the visual novel moments, battles against vile machines will erupt. The game will feature both strategic gameplay, and active-item system, where a single item will behave completely different, depending on which character is selected.

While I did attend PAX WEST, I was, regrettably, unable to have hands-on time with Shut Up And Get In The Car, Loser!. However, the table was very busy, with players eager to try their hands at the new JRPG. One of my remarks of this year’s PAX WEST was the inclusivity and promotion of LGBT game development.

Seeing the work done on Shut Up and Get In The Car, Loser! is inspiring and profound. This is a game that is unapologetic, proud of itself and what it is.  While there isn’t too much known about the game’s length or what kind of boss fights players will encounter, Shut Up and Get In The Car, Loser! has certainly garnered the attention of many gamers, myself included.

Shut Up and Get In The Car, Loser! will be releasing in 2018. If you’d like to sign up to hear about when the game comes out, click here.