Episode 8: Death Note (2017)

Reading Time: < 1 minute

This week, they did it! Kate and LaNeysha finally watched the infamous American Death Note live-action adaptation produced by Netflix. As one of the most prolific horror/thriller anime out there, Death Note has a special place in fans’ hearts. Did it live up to that? Spoiler…no. This episode is a little different in that LaNeysha and Kate try to keep it together while ripping the film a new one. But was it at least better than Dragonball Evolution? Find out now.

The paired drink for this badaptation will be a ShinigamiTini (a red appletini), in honor of the Ryuk! Instructions and ingredients below.

2 ounces Crown Royal whiskey
2 ounces sour apple liqueur (Schnapps)
2 ounces cranberry juice, to taste ice
1 slice apple (to garnish; optional)

Place everything in a cocktail shaker
Shake to mix
Strain into a martini glass