Interview: Latinx in Gaming, with Juan Vaca, Elaine Gomez, & Judy Jetset

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This week Kate and Adrian had the opportunity to speak with Juan Vaca, Elaine Gomez, and Judy Jetset about the IDGA  group, Latinx in Gaming and just being Latinx in games. In this roundtable of sorts, we discuss issues of representation in the medium, what being Latinx means, and being in the gaming industry is like when you’re Latinx.

Latinx in Gaming
Discord | @Latinosingaming on Twitter | Facebook Group

Juan Vaca | @juancow on Twitter
Narrative Designer at Endless Entertainment

Judy Jetset | @jetset_ on Twitter
Voice Actor/Community Manager and Event Host
Head of NYC League of Legends

Elaine Gomez | @chulatastic on Twitter
Game Designer at E-Line Media and Game Development & Design Teacher
Elaine is currently working on the game titled Cu’,  an adventure game I’m making about Taíno (indigenous group of Puerto Rico) culture, concept designs below:

For more art check here & here.