NYCC 2018: ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Panel Premieres Pilot

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Want to hear what you missed at the What We do in the Shadows panel at NYCC? Click play!

The What We do in the Shadows panel from NYCC 2018 opened up with a surprise pilot episode featuring the three main vampire characters that we will be journeying with throughout the series. The pilot was a glimpse into what we can expect from the series when it debuts on FX sometime in 2019. We are introduced to Nandor, Nadja, and Laszlo – played by Kayvan Novak, Natasia Demetriou, and Matt Berry respectively. These vampires came from Europe to New York with one task: conquering the “New World”.

Other characters in the pilot were Guillermo, Nandor’s familiar – played by Harvey Guillen – and a new form of vampire that attendees got a kick out of at the panel: Collin Robinson the “energy vampire”. Robinson satisfies his bloodlust by sucking the energy out of others around him. It’s a humorous look at being trapped in a conversation with someone that literally takes all the energy from you. As the pilot aired, attendees of the panel were laughing and clapping up until the very end. It’s a promising sign of what we can expect when the FX spinoff aires. 

The series will have the same mockumentary format as the comedy movie it’s based on but will take place in Staten Island, New York City,  instead of New Zealand. In an interview prior to the panel, Taika Waititi also hinted that the three main vampires from the film What We Do in the Shadows might make a cameo in the series. Taika Waititi, the series director, and Jemaine Clement, series writer, came on the stage after the pilot and talked about the process of creating this show and some of the characters of the series. They wanted to keep the trend of vampires struggling with newer technology and trends in the series. In the pilot, Nandor referred to crepe paper as “creepy paper” at one point. 

On the vampires in the series trying to keep up with modern society, Clement described it as “your parents that don’t know how to use electronics, like Skype… they know about it but they just can’t use it.” The “energy vampire”, played by Mark Proksch, was brought up in the panel as a new form of vampire. In the pilot, Robinson stated that his kind can “drain you through boring conversation or enrage you”. They can even drain other vampires of energy too. “I think we all know a Collin Robinson,” joked Clement about creating the “energy vampire” character.

Waititi also confirmed that this series, the movie it’s based on, and Wellington Paranormal is all a part of a shared universe. Attendees erupted in laughter and applause when Waititi jested, “We are creating a universe to rival that of Marvel and DC”.

Not a whole lot was revealed in the panel on what the main cast will experience in the series but it was hinted that they will take a trip to Manhattan and interact with other vampires there. There was no mention of coming into contact with werewolves or other supernatural creatures. 

What We Do in the Shadows series premiere will air on FX sometime next year. The movie is still available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Images: Paramount  Pictures