NYCC 2018: What to Expect from Man in the High Castle Season Three

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Warning: Spoilers below this image

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Season three of Amazon Prime’s Man in the High Castle creates high stakes for the main characters of the show and delivers a whole new dimension to an already tangled reality. In the first two seasons, we learn of films being passed from the Resistance to the Man in the High Castle. Now there is an understanding of how these films are brought into the main reality. The complicated discovery that certain people can jump from one dimension to another is made clear by Trudy’s reappearance at the end of season two. If you need a recap of the first two seasons, check out this in-depth refresher below:

The Neutral Zone and the Resistance’s efforts are the main focus of this new season. John Smith’s family is also put in the spotlight after Thomas turns himself in at the end of season two. With Thomas’ death, both John Smith and Helen Smith are forced to question the Reich they devotedly serve. “He knows he’s made a devil’s bargain,” says Rufus Sewell on John Smith. Sewell says that, although Smith is a zealot, seeing himself in another reality where he doesn’t have to do the awful things that he does turns him into a “questioning zealot” because it confirms his doubts and fears about the Nazi regime.

Helen Smith faces these same doubts as Thomas is idolized as a hero for sacrificing himself to the Nazi belief. “It affects everything”, says Chelah Horsdal on Helen Smith’s character, “She begins to question a lot of the choices that they have made up until this point.” Thomas’ sacrifice is a result of “good parenting” in the Nazi Regime but Helen begins to understand that she failed her child. The loss of Thomas influences everything for Helen’s decision in this new season, according to Horsdal.

In the Man in the High Castle panel at New York Comic Con, Rufus Sewell says that season three is a story about the repercussions of serving the Nazi Regime. “The beast we chained ourselves to is beginning to turn around and ask for something back in repayment,” says Sewell, “as our family ascends into society and my career, the opposite is happening internally. It’s two journeys going in the opposite direction.”

The Pacific States have started an arms race with the Reich this season in order to protect themselves against the Nazis potentially attacking them. Hitler’s death is still relatively raw and the Japanese are fearful that another attack against them is imminent. “It’s frostily polite but there are all of these tensions brimming underneath that are going to come to the surface,” says Joel de la Fuente at the panel.

Juliana Crain’s connections to all of the films elevate her as one of the central focuses in the new season. At the end of season two, Crain is revealed to be important to each of the films and a more important player in the endgame than she originally thought. Crain’s role and the Resistance movement will also have a large focus in this season. “The notion of Resistance in this season encompasses a lot of different forms,” says executive producer Isa Hackett, “We actually, this season, took two chapters from the sequel he [Philip K. Dick] was writing. There’s a big idea in those two chapters that we’ve utilized in season three.”

It was also announced at the panel that the Man in the High Castle crew had already begun filming for season four of the series. While it’s anticipated that season three may be the darkest yet, there’s already speculation on how season four will pan out. Season three of Man in the High Castle is out today on Amazon Prime.

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