Time to get Hyped for Anthem

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Ladies and gentleman, please make sure to mark down your calendars for February 22, 2019. It should be declared a national holiday, it should officially be Anthem Day. Even if it’s not, I’ll be making sure to not have anything to do on that day, scratch that, the whole rest of the week, just so I have time to play this game and this game alone. If you couldn’t tell already, allow me to tell you directly, I am hyped for Anthem. Are you listening? Good. Now for those of you who haven’t been following much, or wrote it off because you were a bit miffed by BioWare or you feel the need to boycott EA, let me try to persuade you. Let me explain why you should give them both a chance with this game.

How will Anthem will be the game to change your mind? Allow me to explain. Anthem is a shared world RPG, not really able to use the word MMORPG per se, but in some techincalities, it could be something like MMORPG-Lite. There’s a main hub, Fort Tarsis, which is where you interact with NPCs and the main story. This area seems more along the lines of a solitarily focused area than social space, similar to how Tom Clancy’s The Division handles their open world. I am not sure if your party members join you in the same instance or not because I’ve yet to get my hands on a demo yet.

Having Fort Tarsis be more singular focused may sound like a bad thing, but the way Anthem is created blends single-player story with cooperative functionalities, as stated in their “Our World, My Story” feature.

This has me hyped because I’ve loved BioWare for their stories, minus Mass Effect 3’s ending fiasco. However, Anthem seems to be crafting a brand new take on storytelling. I’m hoping that there will be a lot of lore to delve into and read that expands on the world including Fort Tarsis and everything in between.

The Javelins

Now some of you could probably care less for the story and want to get in on the action, I myself am hyped equally for both. The mechs, known as Javelins in the world of Anthem, are what players will be piloting. They come in 4 variations: Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm.

The Ranger is your standard balanced Javelin, and the first Javelin you’ll be graced with. Though balanced it does have its usefulness being that it’s your starting frame. Upon learning this, it did disappoint me a bit but learning the game at a balanced pace is much better than just being thrust into an open world and you get overloaded. I’m hoping however, that the way you “unlock” the Javelins is not focused around the story. I personally would like to get past the tutorial and then play with whatever Javelin I want, but I digress.

Next, we have the massive powerhouse Javelin, the Colossus, who comes packing major firepower. In trailers, this Javelin has the ability to deploy a shield and charge through minefields unscathed. Plus I’m more than sure this will be the “Artillery” frame of sorts in which you can have all the heavy weaponry attached to, so you raze entire areas in a matter of seconds.

If you’re more of a fan of the roguish approach, Interceptor would be more your speed. This Javelin is agile and graceful while moving about the battlefield like a ninja. Come on, who doesn’t like Robotic Ninjas?

Lastly, we have the Storm, which is mysterious and unorthodox. From trailers, seems to be a glass cannon, mage like Javelin. Though we don’t know much about the Interceptor or the Storm, doesn’t stop fans from speculating about what they can do and how to play them. I personally am looking forward to playing the Interceptor and moving through the field annihilating enemies before they can respond.

I’m really glad this game will have cooperative play, along with the single-player storyline. Games like this need to be played with friends. From what has been released about the gameplay so far, playing with your friends seems to be more fun and leads to some cool combos with weaponry that you can’t do solo. Encounters in Anthem look chaotic, so having an extra hand would be a great addition to keep you from dying so fast. This is especially true being that health and ammo are pickups rather than replenished passively.

I also am looking forward to playing this with friends to make epic memories both on and off the stream. Yes, I plan to stream this game a lot, but all in all, I hope this little snippet of information was able to whet your appetite even a little bit to give Anthem a look see, and I’ll see you guys February 22, 2019.

If you want to get in on the action early, you can pre-order now to gain access to upcoming demos, and if you happen to be a member of EA’s Origins Access Premier (which is ONLY on PC) you can get into the game a full week early.