Episode 75: Bojack Horseman Matters…But Why Tho?

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This week we tackle one of the newest pop culture topics: Bojack Horseman. The  Netflix adult animated show is the first streaming original to go into syndication on cable television driven by it’s fan base. Filled with dark humor and irreverent comedy, the series has also been lauded as one of the most accurate representations of depression. From “thoughts and prayers” and “stupid piece of shit,” we talk about it all. This isn’t always a happy conversation but it is full of feeling. So, get ready to get sad and miserable with us and Bojack.


Jason Flatt
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  1. My wife loves this show. Funny as can be, and also tackles an issue plaguing many folks in the West, and around the world. Rocking reminder! I gotta get into it. When I find some time, with my blog and eBook crazy promo campaign and all 😉


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