Otakon 2018: Pillowfight showcases ‘Heaven Will Be Mine’

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In the middle of the hustling and bustling main hall of Otakon 2018, there was a relaxing, sprawled booth in “indie row.” It was bright and dotted with pillows, and there were guests relaxed and enjoying themselves, which was a stark contrast to the flowing energy of the convention center. This booth belonged to the Washington D.C based game-developer, Pillow Fight Games, a small, but fearless game developer that specializes in the creation of visual novels.

The team has been responsible for several critically acclaimed visual novels, such as Ghosts of Miami and their debut game, We Know The Devil.  At Otakon, the team was showcasing their newest visual novel, Heaven Will Be Mine, a queer-centered mech-anime inspired visual novel, where players will battle bad guys in the depth of space while balancing a relationship in a giant mech.

It is 1981. It is the future. The pioneering feats of Yuri Gagarin, Alan Shepard, and the crew of Apollo 11 inspired humanity to cast aside its difference, wars, and cultural division in favor of seizing the stars, through a huge space force and the construction of giant robots.  Of course, as humanity ventures beyond the moon, unknown enemy forces begin to form, and the Space Force wages war for several decades. After a long and trying war, the Earth’s space forces are ready to resign their fate to isolation on the Earth. But for three young female mech pilots, they don’t give a damn. Their following through on their mission, no matter what.

Players in Heaven WIll Be Mine will play as one of three young pilots, each from a different faction. There is the space ace, Luna-Terra, a soldier that has seen plenty of combat action.   Luna, a pilot with the unique ability to use psychic powers. Finally, Pluto, a hacking hijacker that believes in progressing humanity through technology.  Each character will have their own story-line, dealing with dreams, terror, fears, and sexual relations.

There is plenty to experience in each campaign’s play through, form open combat to romancing your enemies or just shooting the breeze with your mech skills. Every choice matters in each play through. The player will have to make critical choices, both in and out of combat. These choices will having lasting consequences towards your fellow pilots, the Earth, the enemy and so on. Even choices made in emails and chat rooms will have a huge effect down the line. With a solid music score and a surreal art style, this is an experience for any visual novel enthusiast.

For those unfamiliar, visual novels have been on the rise lately, being released for gaming platforms such as Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and soon, the Nintendo Switch. Visual novels, or “otame” in Japanese, are an up-and-coming genre of video games, where players read and interact with an ongoing story, changing entire branches or affecting the entire ending.  Players will see a story unfold in front of them, through text boxes and limited animation. In some cases, voice work is provided, in Japanese or English.

Then, in some cases, players will be able to interact with the events that are occurring, even changing what happens over the course of the journey. This game will allow players to participate in fully realized gameplay modes, with combat, action, or puzzle-solving. Other visual novels have allowed a player to make choices and seeing those choices unfold. Prime examples of this more traditional visual novels include Steins: Gate, Psychopass: Mandatory Happiness, Code Realize, or Muv-Luv. The genre originally originated in Japan, as many city residents carry portable game systems and use them during mass transit and outside of work.

Heaven Will Be Mine is currently available now on Steam an itch.io for $14.99. Please check out the soundtrack by clicking the following link: Heaven Will Be Mine OST by Alec Lambert