Video Game Characters I Would Follow on Instagram

Reading Time: 2 minutes

More and more games are adding photo mods and allowing gamers to explore the art in games in ways never done before. However, there are some characters who revel in the art of photography even more than the player who constantly shares screenshots from their favorite titles. Here are the top 5 video game characters that I would follow on Instagram:

1. Prompto Argentum – Final Fantasy XV


Throughout Final Fantasy XV Prompto stops the car to take pictures and can even be leveled up to take pictures during battle. While I do not know what Lucia’s version of Instagram is, I can tell you that Prompto more than likely has a growing following.

2. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider Series (2014)


Following Lara Croft on Instagram would probably be more intuned to watching Naked and Afraid. Her pictures, stories, and videos would include survival tips, facts on ancient worlds and artifacts as well as gritty realism that Instagram often lacks.

3. Elena Fisher – Uncharted Series


Elena Fisher is a world-class journalist who is often seen following the antics of the adventurer and occasional thief Nathan Drake. Elena’s Instagram would feature far off and exotic places, breaking news on international crisis and the occasional look at lost cities like El Dorado or Libertalia.

4. Max Caulfield – Life is Strange 


Of this list, Max Caulfield is the most artistic of the bunch. The game Life Is Strange revolves partially around Max’s love of photography. Max’s Instagram would feature the classic use of filters, nature, and a lot of hipster aesthetic.

5. Atreus – God of War


This pick might seem odd since there is no internet or camera in this ancient Norse world, however, God of War‘s photo mode allows players to take funny selfies and action shots of the dad and son duo. I would love to see more grumpy Kratos selfies and I imagine Arteus would love to post them.