Quakecon 2018: ‘Rage 2’ Preview

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Rage 2 is set to release next summer and at QuakeCon 2018 we got a first look at the weapons, vehicles, powers, and high octane style. A new gameplay extended trailer that presented a high-level view of just how open this sandbox is debuted during the keynote of the convention and for con-goers, we had a chance to be some of the first people in the world to play the game. If there is one thing that Rage 2 delivers its variety. With diverse zones that range from snow to wetlands and desert and a full range of abilities and weapons, you won’t get bored.

We already knew that the sequel would continue the storyline from the first game but in the Eden Assault demo, we get to see some of the old and a lot of the new. In the demo playthrough, your goal is to enter the Eden facility and use your handprint to lower down a satellite, all at the behest of Dr. Kvasir from the first Rage game. You start outside the facility and fight through the Goon Squad, one of seven announced factions that are running through the wastelands of Rage 2. Other factions you’ll encounter have their own specialties regarding combat, biome, and weapons. In addition to the Goon Squad you’ll be ripping and running through the Authority, the Rangers of Vineland, Cult of the Death God, Abadon, River Hogs, and the Immortal Shrouded.

Known for their first-person shooter experience, Id Software delivers with fast-paced action and seamless weapon changes and ability mechanics. The faster you rip through the goons the more you fill-up your Over-drive bar. Once full, this berserker mode increases your health and lets you run through your enemies at a faster pace and with more ferocity. While in Overdrive mode your power is increased and you zoom the world faster for a short amount of time, chain kills are your friend in this mode and overall, the faster you kill the more you get.

Unlike some run-n-gun games, it takes a few hits to get some of these mobs down, but it depends on where you hit. A shotgun blast to the chest and the armor will blow off but the goon is still up and ready to fight. Which adds a challenge when the gameplay is meant to be fast, forgetting one from behind you and you can wind up dead.

From this taste, I’m excited for this game. The advanced mechanics of the wingstick are going to make for some fun snipes — they can now hit a target around a corner behind cover — and the close-up action of your abilities taps into my tank heart.