SideQuest Community Weekend Brings People Together Outside of RTX Austin Con-Floor

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Founded in 2011, SideQuest‘s mission is to unite gamers for charity. The work towards this mission by raising funds and connecting volunteers with charities like Extra Life, Make-A-Wish,, and others. Organized for the Roosterteeth fan community, SideQuest has been organizing fun, charitable, and inclusive events for the Roosterteeth Expo (RTX) con-goers and fans who couldn’t make it to the expo hall for years. These events are known as the SideQuest Community Weekend, formerly called RTX SideQuest.  The non-profit organization hosts a charity gala, as well as social events at Buffalo Billiards over the length of RTX.

During the SideQuest Charity Gala, attendees bid in a silent auction for Roosterteeth memorabilia, fan creations, and all things around gaming of both the video and table-top variety. Hosted the night before the beginning of the gala-goers buy drink tickets, eat great food, and kick off the convention as a community united in the goal of raising money for charity. This year, the event held its first ever live auction as well, and I can say with absolute certainty that it was fun – since I brought home the collector’s edition of Far Cry 5 donated to the organization by Ubisoft with the highest bid. Hosted at the Line hotel, it was my first time attending the gala and it won’t be my last. This year’s fundraising at the event went to  Child’s Play, AbleGamers, and Operation Supply Drop.

On the last two nights of any RTX, SideQuest hosts events at Buffalo Billiards, the first of which is the Barlympics. For the second year in a row, we attended the event where we played a variety of games from billiards to couch co-op on a projector to win points for your team. This year, the event featured signature shots named after the popular Roosterteeth animation, Red Vs Blue. Earn point by winning games or buying drinks for other, the community aspect was alive and well and I was the most social I had been in a long time. I’m also proud to say, my team, the blue team won the night’s trophy. The last of these events is the RTX Wrap-Up Party and SideQuest Lounge.

Held in the same venue, on the last night of RTX, SideQuest rented out secured the entire venue for only those with passes to RTX and/or SideQuest Community Weekend badges. With the bottom-floor of Buffalo Billiards for all RTX-goers and the top-floor lounge reserved for SideQuest badge holders, you had an inclusive space for the community to party and say their goodbyes as they return to their respective states and countries.

In all my years going to cons, the community built around SideQuest and the good it does hasn’t been matched at any other convention. When RTX comes back to Austin, Texas next year make sure you pick up this side quest and unlock a great community experience.

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