So Here’s What Happened In June

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Thanks for tuning into for another episode of So Here’s What Happened!

On this episode, Carolyn and LaNeysha talk about their top 3 picks for the month of June.

Spoiler Warning: The ladies discuss season two of Marvel’s Netflix series Luke Cage, Pixar’s newest and long-awaited animated film Bao and Incredibles 2.

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Carolyn’s Picks


Never Caught: The Washington’s Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave, Ona Judge  – By professor and historian  Erica Armstrong Dunbar is a fictionalized account of the life of Ona Judge who at the age of twenty-two saw her opportunity to run to freedom and took it. Ona was born into slavery and was enslaved by Martha Washington, beginning in Mount Vernon in Virginia until her escape from Washington’s Philadelphia house in 1796.

Erica weaves an intriguing story that gives readers a personal look into the daily life of Ona, and what it would have been like to be enslaved in the house of the most prominent family in the United States, who used their power to subjugated and prevent the rightful freedom of those they enslaved.


Luke Cage season 2

Strong Woman Go Bong-Soon starring Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik *Trigger warning for violence against women.

Goblin starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

LaNeysha’s Top Picks


American Gods – With season 2 of the Starz hit, American Gods returning later this year I decided to re-read the novel. Published in 2001 and written by Neil Gaiman and it literary masterpiece in my opinion at least. As a history and mythology nerd, I felt like this book was made for. It follows the main protagonist, Shadow Moon, who’s recently released from prison days after he learns that his wife and best friend have died. Not sure where to go from there, Shadow meets the charismatic Mr. Wednesday, is hired to be his bodyguards and joins him on a dark and mysterious road trip across the United States.


Trollhunters –Due to my love for Guillermo del Toro’s work, fantasy adventure and it being recommended by a friend of the show and But Why Tho editor/host Kate I felt like it was time for me to give this show a try. Going into it I figured I’d enjoy this series, but man I didn’t know how much I was going to love it! It reminded me so much of what I loved about Disney’s Gargoyles. Magical creatures, living amongst humans in a modern setting, all while battling the forces of evil. Similarly, the world of Trollhunters is a modern-day Arthurian legend where magical creatures like fairies, goblins, gnomes and yes, of course, the trolls! The show is action-packed, has a great story and impressive character development throughout each season.

Incredibles 2/Bao – After 14 years of anticipation and hope we finally get the long-awaited sequel to the Incredibles! I’ll admit I think after waiting for so long it’s hard to keep my expectations in check for this movie. Overall I was entertained in pleased by the film my favorite parts were seeing Frozone’s power being highlighted, Jack-Jack exploring his new powers and seeing the fierce genius Edna again.

Honorary mention to the short film before Incredibles 2, Bao. While I’ve come to expect some kind of gut-wrenching emotional twist in these Pixar movies, Incredibles 2 didn’t have that for me.  And that’s fine because Bao took care of having all of the emotions. And yes it seems that some people have complained that it felt like nonsense or was a waste of time. I disagree, Bao tells a great story about parenthood, forgiveness, growing up and familial relationships.


Actress Yetide Bedaki (of American Gods) is currently raising funds for a film WONDERLAND about Zodwa an actress who like Alice, stumbles through the looking glass into Hollywood. Will she survive the madness?

Yetide who was born in Nigeria wrote and stars in Wonderland, which is a comedy inspired by ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and Yetide’s experiences as an actress in Hollywood.  Like many Black women, Yetide wants to see more characters who look like on screen and decided that the best way she can contribute to equal representation for POC is by creating projects.

You can follow Yetide on Twitter via her personal account @YetideBedaki and the film at @wonderlandflick and donate via