Beware of Anthem’s Hype

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Before I begin, I’m a fan of Bioware and their ability to craft amazing stories within their games. Look at the Knights of the Old Republic series from back in the day. That series is still a classic that I find myself going back to play them from time to time and always finding something new each time. So to me, when Bioware announced Anthem – an online shared world looter shooter – my hype was at an all time high, but so was my cautiousness.

You’re probably wondering why I’m conflicted, since I’m both hyped and cautious as well, so let me elaborate. My hype comes from the developer who has made great games that focus on story. My cautiousness is that this game feels like it will end up like Destiny and fall out flat within the first couple of weeks. With the exception of true supporters, like any game. I want to love this game, I want to stream this game, I want to make content for this game, but part of me is leary because of my previous point.

I don’t want to walk in with 100% confidence that this game will be a blockbuster and end up with a dud. I also don’t want to be given a hype linear experience with faux exploration ala Destiny because then that kills the entire immersion of what they are selling to us. With so many of the content creators who have videos out not being able to show their gameplay, just the same clips that we’ve seen numerous times over already, I have a red flag sitting on my desk next to this game’s title.

Now don’t get me wrong, I shall be playing Anthem, I just haven’t been sold on it being a day one purchase for me. Especially since it’s coming out the same day as Crackdown 3, which will be on Game Pass. I’m going to wait on the reviews from both larger publications and the YouTube channels that I follow and decide if I’ll snag it early or late, just to see if my cautiousness was warranted or unneeded. I want to play all the classes and see all the things this game has to offer, but with the strict limitations of content that’s been shown, I’m starting to just flat out ignore all information on this game as well. Due to this, my hype for Anthem between now and February 22, 2019 could ultimately die out and I end up dabbling in it for a bit then sending it to my “Ready to Install” cache of 100+ games.

I hope, for Bioware’s sake, they release more content out that’s NEW and give us fans, content creators, and gamers something to really sink our teeth into or else crickets shall be awaiting them come release date en masse.