Missions That Matter: Nerdtino

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Nerdtino Expo

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Thomas Delfi, Executive Director and Founder of Nerdtino Entertainment Studios and the Nerdtino Expo. As the first Latinx comic con on the East coast, they focus on promoting the presence of and history of Latinx, Hispanic, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latinx, and Iberian creators in Geek Culture. Comic Books, Literature, Video Games, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Horror, and anything else you consider geeky, this is also a social media community bringing Latinx geeks together and working to promote and empower creators. In this interview, we talk abou what being Latinx means, how we can ensure people don’t get erased from the conversation and Delfi explains just how many Latinx built pop culture that we don’t even know about.


Special thanks to Thomas E. Delfi for speaking with us
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This episode is a part of an old series, titled “Missions That Matter,” a segment of But Why Tho? the podcast. Here hosts, Kate, Adrian, and Matt interview those who are using pop culture for good in their spaces. Whether its building community or driving charity, all their missions matter.