EPIC’s focus: Battle Royale & Save The World

Reading Time: 3 minutes


I really have a strong dislike for Fortnite after Battle Royale was released. This is because, I was one of those staunch supporters who dropped $100+ into the game looking forward to enjoying and supporting development of the COOPERATIVE experience, Save The World. I mean that is what Fortnite was marketed as for years, until PUBG decided to come to consoles and Fortnite felt the need to compete with them.

I don’t hate them for making a very strong logical business move. I mean, EPIC Games has had a domination on PvP-centric games for a VERY long time – Unreal Tournament anyone? Yet, the problem I had, and still have to a lesser degree, is that they shifted the game that they touted at E3s and to the many backers as an awesome co-operative zombie slaying experience. Now they have delivered that, for the most part, but they have VASTLY changed the game from what it was back in the days of Online Tests. This isn’t a bad thing, but it just seemed like that after they made those changes, they expected many of us to just be “happy” they update STW still.

Some changes are for the better, but the Battle Royale mode gets a lot more support in terms of updates. I also feel like the Free-To-Play model for STW should’ve been unlocked by now. I mean BR has been bringing in money hand over fist, in April alone they made nearly $300 million, yet they still require people who want to play with friends in their co-op mode drop $60 to snag the game and a friend code just to have them join you. I find this a tad bit ludicrous! I really hope that they drop the price tag soon, so that many people who have wanted to check out this game mode can do so and also play with friends who refuse to drop money onto a game that still isn’t classified as Early Access, but as a product in “BETA”.

Now even though I have several complaints, mostly about the overshadowing that Battle Royale has over Save the World, I still find myself putting hours into the leveling up my heroes and weapons, and trying to slog through the insanely long story missions just so I can access stronger weapons, traps, and heroes. Sadly, at times there’s periods of time where the STW server is practically empty forcing you to play solo or merely look for your objectives and quit. Most people are focused on achieving internet stardom in Battle Royale and that doesn’t seem like it’ll be stopping anytime soon.

Yet despite that I still play my missions, come back when they have cool events, and overall enjoy the game for a couple weeks, before the annoyance that this game isn’t free yet triggers me, and I boycott the game again. I mean I want this game to be released because EPIC Games has had this game developing for about 5+ years now! I know this does sound a bit condescending, but as a backer, I feel like I’m not getting the proper attention from a company, but it’s not like I can get a refund for my purchase as I’ve owned the game since launch into CBT about 2 years ago. So if the way this game is going now continues until year’s end, it’ll become a relic sitting on my shelf indefinitely.