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Go watch Deadpool 2. That could be my review, but I know you clicked the article expecting more, so, I’ll go on.

After a comic book movie juggernaut like Avengers: Infinity War, I wasn’t expecting Deadpool 2 to blow me away. Don’t get me wrong, I am writing in this review in a chimichanga shirt and about to stream the Deadpool video game on Twitch. But with 10 years of build up, I expected Infinity War to stay seated at the top of my super hero movie list for 2018. I was wrong. In the sequel to the most successful R-rated movie in history, Deadpool stars Wade Wilson as Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds was born to play the merc with a mouth and his passion shows in every line and with every “oh no my arm broke moment.” So he will only be referred to as Wade Wilson). Beyond the eponymous protagonist, Domino, played by Zazie Beetz, commanded every scene she was in and with all the love I have for Domino and for Beetz, I couldn’t have imagined how well luck is shown on screen. Domino has one of the least visual mutations in the X-Men universe and I never thought it could work on screen. But with a combination of Beetz embodying the character and great set choices, it fires on all cylinders.

As for Cable? Put Josh Brolin in everything. I repeat. Put that man in every hero movie you can find. After a run as Thanos, Brolin proves again that acting in a comic book movie can come first. The emotional range he brings as Cable was unexpected and needs to be applauded.

Visually this movie feels like the Deadpool video game came to life, like the comics came to life, and ultimately had more heart than most of the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The balance between comic book and movie hasn’t been more balanced.


I don’t want to give away too much so I’ll leave you with this: From start to finish the film is a riot, the fight choreography is on point, the score is what music is supposed to be, the easter eggs are a plenty, and ultimately Deadpool 2 gave us more about the struggle of being a mutant and the spirit of the X-Men than I got in two separate trilogies.

Unfortunately there are some pieces of the movie I would have liked to have seen more of, mostly the cast of characters around Wade, Domino, and Cable. However, the choices the movie makes in telling the entire story is solid and I can’t fault them for choosing to limit their screen time in a movie that is only two-hours long. The only other fault I can find – I’m nitpicking here – is some of the CGI that was used in some of the battle sequences, but CGI isn’t a make or break unless it’s truly terrible – *stares in Star Wars prequels.*

Go into the movie unspoiled every second of this movie is perfectly timed and packed to the brim with with entertainment comic book readers and movie goers will love. The greatest thing 20th Century Fox ever did was let Wade Wilson make the Deadpool movies he wanted.

Rating: 5/5 F-words

Pros: Fight choreography was tight, the comedic timing was perfect and the character chemistry is unmatched.

Cons:  I wanted more of the side characters and CGI was a little much in places but neither of these are enough to knock the movie.


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