But Why Tho? Stacks Up for Call to Arms this May

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We started our Missions that Matter series last May. Those episodes spotlight charities and organizations that use the power of pop culture to do good. The first episode covered Stack Up – a military gaming charity that is empowering veterans through their passion for gaming. We interviewed founder and CEO, Stephen Machuga, and have been doing what we can to support and boost the organization ever since. As a podcast, we all believe that our platform should be used to amplify the forces of good in our communities.  It’s for this reason – and for the veterans in our lives – that we’ve answered the Call to Arms this May.

You can donate to the cause here and keep
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The Call to Arms a charity drive that supports their programs and initiatives that are helping veterans around the world. They have four main programs:

Supply Crates

Supply Crates are care packages of games, consoles, and gear sent to troops deployed overseas, as well as those recovering in military hospitals, and working on bases stateside. These crates raise morale, can help combat PTSD, and provide an avenue to help fight the rising rates of veteran suicide. You can read about some of their supply Crate recipients here.

Air Assaults

They hand-pick deserving veterans and give them an all expenses paid trip to geek culture events, giving them a once in a lifetime experience at conventions like E3 or San Diego Comic Con and even trips to game studios. To hear some of the Air Assault stories from those chosen for the program you can watch this video:


Local volunteer teams, coming together to support military personnel on bases and around their community. They provide a local support system and help veterans with the transition from military to civilian life.

Stack Up Overwatch Program (StOP)

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One of the most amazing things about Stack Up is that as they’ve grown, they’ve kept their eyes toward how to help veterans and build communities for them in every sense. This year they launched the Stack Up Overwatch Program (StOP) because they recognize that PTSD, depression, and emotional distress affect millions of veterans and are a leading cause of isolation and suicide within the community. With StOP, they watch over the veteran community and provide critical support to veterans and active-duty military personnel with 24/7/365 access to a team of trained and certified crisis management volunteers. For more information on the program and their mission and partners, click here. We also met with Elvis Walden, the program director of StOP to find out more about what inspired the program and it’s importance on a recent Missions that Matters episode.

Head on over to StackUp.org for more information on how to apply for any of the programs as well as more stories from those they have helped. Join the community and help us reach our fundraising goal by donating to our tiltify campaign here.