4 Ways To Enjoy Star Wars With Your Family

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“The Force is Strong in my family…” – Luke Skywalker

May the 4Th be with you

I probably don’t need to remind you last week was Star Wars day and all around the globe fans celebrated our beloved franchise. Many fans used the day as an opportunity to watch the one or many of the movies (like you need an excuse) or possibly binge on episodes of the cartoons. In our household, we are pretty much always in observance of Star Wars day. So, in honor of Star Wars day, I would like to share with you  4 ways to enjoy Star Wars with your family.


  1. Audiobooks


The Star Wars books are in a great place now that Disney cleaned up the expanded universe. Most of the new books are excellent reads, and very enjoyable. However, there is something charming and special about the Audiobook versions.


Ahsoka is an excellent audiobook. It is narrated by Ashley Eckstien who voiced Ahsoka in the cartoon. Ashley does an amazing job narrating the book and the sound effects really sold the experience.


Inferno Squad, the inferno squad book was really the silver lining of the Battlefront 2 launch. Inferno Squad introduced unique characters and took the franchise in a bit of a new direction.


Thrawn is a fan favorite and younger families members may be most familiar form his appearance on the rebel TV show. However, the Thrawn book shouldn’t be overlooked. Thrawn is an excellent Star Wars book as well as an excellent book. Besides being fun to listen to is a great opportunity to teach the children some leadership lessons.


  1. Play Tabletop games and video games


There is a number of excellent tabletop games that a family can enjoy together. Some may be intimidated by the idea of getting into tabletop gaming, however, most of the Star Wars games are easy to learn and do not require painting such as X- Wing or Armada.

If you want to feel as if you are one of the characters, try playing a Star Wars video game. It lets you feel as though you are actually in the movie.


  1. Travel to Comic-Con and collect Star War signatures


If you enjoy seeing your favorite characters up close and personal, Comic-Con is the only way to go. It’s a real life interaction with all of the characters you have grown to know and love. It immerses you in a different world and feels as if you are actually in a Star Wars movie. So, put on your favorite costume and head to Comic-Con.

One of my favorite things about Star Wars is enjoying it with my family. We travel to various Comic-Cons thought the region with a few hour drive. Our favorite Comic-Cons is the Rhode Island Comic-Con, it’s a longer drive than other conventions. However, the family enjoys listing to the audio books on the drive.


  1. Binge watch your favorite movies


On May 25th Solo: A Star Wars Story is released. Purchase your tickets now and enjoy a night out at the movies. If you prefer the comforts of your own home you can always watch the classics. So, turn on your surround sounds, grab some popcorn and watch your favorite Star Wars movies.

There are limitless ways to enjoy Star Wars as a family. Look for events in your community and join a group such as the 501st or the Rebel Legion. Remember: May the fourth be with you.