Fan But Why Thos: Captain America

He’s a peak physical specimen, but he’s also a peak specimen in regards to morality and ethics. Will forever love his “no you move” speech. 

Bcuz all 7
#whatif stories about Steve are all the same but amazingly awesome!
Step 1: Steve is missing
Step 2: evil Steve clone or nazis take over using the serum
Step 3: real Steve returns and teaches us it’s not about the serum, it’s about what America should stand for…Awesome panels and stories, my heart is gonna explode in my chest if Steve tells Thanos, “I can do this all day…” And this Cap speech that occurred off the #616 but is still epic and classic Cap!

He was my everything. I didn’t have any guidance as a kid, didn’t believe in myself, or anything. He showed me what it meant to have utter devotion to an ideal. To believe in something to your core.

Even though he started off as a form of propaganda in regards to WW2, he’s evolved into more than that. He’s an amazing hero who will do anything to protect those he loves. His death in the aftermath of the Civil War comics always makes me sad. 

He represents the best in us. 

Steve Rogers in the long run doesn’t really matter to me, the symbol he created, Captain America matters even more to me. Cap is symbol of courage, compassion, and liberty that anyone can wield. Captain America stands for the America we all want to see. 

He was a good man before the serum. He was a good man after, just powered up. Trustworthy and true hearted. 

Steve was my grandfather’s favorite superhero as a Queens kid, B-17 Airforce engineer, and continuing on to when he introduced me to various superhero characters which brought me into geekdom. I know it’s silly, but when I read or watch Cap I think of my grandfather, every time.

Unwavering. He understands that sometimes you have to stand against the authority and refuse to back down. He lets his moral compass guide him in everything he does, even when it makes things harder. And he never fails to defend those who cannot defend themselves. 

He stands for everything that’s right without trying to be self-righteous. He’s just a simple man trying to do what he thinks and knows is good.

Steve saved my life. Literally. I didn’t kill myself as a child because I thought ‘Steve loves me. He believes in me. He wants me to keep fighting’. 

@motownherstorin (Tami)
I won’t lie, Cap really had to grow on me. I wasn’t a die hard fan, or even that excited about him during his first two MCU appearances. But then Civil War happened, and I was able to read a little of CW too, and that was when I was like, ‘Oh shit, ‘Cap really standing for something.” More than just the “all-american hero”. Once I was able to get down to who he was at the core, I realized that we shared some same truths. As a Black American woman, I have not always had the privilege to see myself in too many heroes. But what would happen if I made him in my own image? Do I still not represent those same values? Have Black women not been instrumental to the fabric of the nation? So, ‘Cap is what I saw in myself – because as Langston Hughes so poignantly said: “I, too am America.

Without the Serum, Steve still fights for what is right. Without the Suit, Steve still inspires those around him to do better. Without the Shield, Steve still stands his ground against any foe who would threaten the innocent. Without Steve, there would
be no Captain America.

So here are my thoughts on cap. He’s a good example of the most extreme case of feeling out of place. He’s easy for most soldiers to relate to. He’s ok when he’s in his element doing what he was trained/created to do. But when you put him in a non crisis situation he’s uncomfortable and awkward. The world has kind of passed him by and he has a hard time finding a way to fit back in. That’s the adjustment a lot of military personnel struggle with and I think that’s why he’s easy to relate to. He embodies the very best of our values and ethos, and also the hardest part of being a serviceman: taking the uniform off. It’s deeper than just being an archetype. It’s the dichotomy of captain America/ Steve Rogers. Cap knows who he is and is confident in that. It’s Steve who struggles to find his place. I’m hoping they explore that more in Nomad. It would give him a new depth for non comic fans and allow people to see the internal conflict that Veterans deal with in mainstream media.


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