Fan But Why Thos: Dungeons & Dragons

I love #DnD because I love telling stories with people. Living as a different being, if only for a few hours at a time is incredibly freeing. I’m also a #Critter.

I played D&D for years and then switched to Heroes (another d20 system) I love being someone else for a while with her flaws instead of my own. I also collect dice just formthe fun of it. My favorite weapon is a dagger (1d4 +1)

Ooooooooo boy do I have fond memories as both a DM and player. Critical Role is good and all, and I’m glad it seems to have gotten so many new people into our game, but I’ve only watched about half an hour of the 2nd season so far

What I love about D&D is the universe that is created by nothing more than the DM’s elaborate description, and the players imagination. Each player on that table will have a different mental depiction of the environment, NPC’s and each other’s characters. Many times have I spoken with the DM for the game I play weekly in the UK and we have both gone away thinking, hmm, I didn’t see it like that before! D&D has a stable structure of rules that can be followed, but also bent for the purpose of good storytelling and RP, which is something a video game can never give you, because you can’t program that kind of flexibility.


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