Fan But Why Thos: Iron Man

“Tony is proof that a “genius, playboy, philanthropist, billionaire” (whatever) doesn’t mean has all the answers. He’s human, very flawed, impulsive, not particularly empathetic. He’s not a great leader even though I think he’d like to be (always in Cap’s shadow -thanks Dad!)” 

Superhero personification of the military-industrial complex. Morally sound. Ethically dubious. Stark’s struggle to maintain legal ownership & oversight over his tech while preventing systemic abuse echoes very real concerns re: public security being entrusted to private hands. 

Because I walked into the theater simply doing my duty as a comic book reader to see all comic book movies, and I walked out of the theater a Marvel fan. Until then I’d only read Batman comics! Definitely broadened my scope. 

In the comics, I love the old arcs from Doomquest, Demon in a Bottle, Extremis, Civil War I/II etc I was the only kid who loved the animated series in 90s & Im still not ashamed lol In the MCU, he tries to do right but sometimes it costs 

A lot of people don’t like Iron Man 3 but I loved that movie because of how it dealt with Tony’s PTSD and anxiety. I think Tony obviously has a lot of demons and self-medicates. I appreciates that in his story lines. 

The way he overcame his issues and became a better person with every step he took inspired me so much, his character helped lots of people including myself. 

Comic wise , not even in top ten characters before 2007/2008. Movie wise(get ready to fight me), iron one is one of the most important movies in the last 10 years of cinema.  It started what we now know as the MCU, which is a cinematic marvel ( see what I did there). 

Iron Man’s story is a redemption story. He overcame alcoholism, an abusive father, and severe trauma. He’s a generous person and gives everything that he has to his friends. He uses his privilege and resources to try to make the world a better place. He’s a big damn hero. 

An arms dealer and war profiteer risks destroying his business to do the right thing and keep his dangerous tech out of the hands of bad guys. 

He takes all of the trauma he’s been dealt and and tries his best to turn it in to something positive and help people, he fails a lot but his intentions are good

He goes from a narcissistic, egoistic man to being ready self-sacrifice by taking the missile through the wormhole to being so affected by the death of just one young man in CACW that he’s ready to go against Cap. He’s a good man who learns from his past. It makes him relatable.

That 1st film changed the game. Floored me. I grew up loving Superman. Robert Downey Jr made Iron Man more Bad A$$ than the Man of Steel. Amazing. Also this scene in particular was incredible. (referring to the tank scene in 1).  

He feeds into my showy, egotistical side.Plus, it’s always interesting to remember RDJ’s checkered past and compare it to now. I’d like to see #IronMan as an alcoholic in the MCU…but it’ll never happen. 

Tony is a futurist, he says it all the time, but he actually means it. Tony envisions a better future for humanity where he and the Avengers aren’t needed. Everything he does, every mistake he makes is in pursuit of this goal. Tony wants a better world. 


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