The Best Game of SXSW Gaming: Semblance

Reading Time: 2 minutes


If you follow us on twitter, you know that we attended SXSW Gaming this past weekend. It’s a small con that used to be free, but when it moved to the Austin Convention Center they started charging admission and honestly it’s not that worth it. If you want some info on it check out Quinn’s review here.

For me, day 2 gave me my favorite game of the convention and in all honesty a game that caught my attention with it’s artwork in a way I hadn’t been grabbed since Limbo: Semblance. The game is simple. It’s a side-scrolling puzzle platformer, adorable as a corgi in a meadow, and it’s a must play.


Made by Nyamakop (@nyamakop), a game studio out of South Africa, this game puts a unique spin on a classic game type. You play as character who is piece of the world brought to life and moving through it. The world and your character are made of a playdough type substance. The concept of a puzzle platformer is to look at your situation in the environment and then move your player through it. In Semblance, you look at your environment and you mold it around you to get through it, moving ledges, the ground, and even utilize mechanics which make the ground immovable to slingshot you to an objective.

The game definitely has a learning curve, but once you get used to the mechanics and have a little patience (a lot of the puzzles you won’t solve on the first try) you’ll be breezing through it, enjoying it’s beauty and finding out new ways squish your character and move the world around you. It’s a unique game that lands firmly as the best game I played at the convention. It will be available on the Nintendo Switch and Steam soon.

For more information you can check out their website here. Also make sure to favorite them on the Steam store page to get updates and know when it goes live.