Fan But Why Thos: Jessica Jones

The Netflix MCU deals with social issues. Superheroes can not only show us cool scenes, but teach us about ourselves in a way that no other media can. To me Jessica Jones is about surviving abuse, and about the nature of abuse itself—including how people become abusers

I just read the first volume of Alias for the first time this past weekend, and it gave me an even greater appreciation for the show, which nails the tone and characterization of Jessica perfectly.

I haven’t been able to get that S1 scene where she can no longer be controlled by kilgrave out of my mind since I saw it. It was so powerful & I think of it each time my ptsd flares up again.

Watching JJ literally changed my life because, for the first time, I got to see a real version of myself on t.v. Not a princess. Not a hero. Real. And fucking hurting. Representation matters but unfortunately sometimes it comes in the form of auditory hallucinations

JJ matters to me because she showed how women accurately deal with PTSD and sexual assault. #JessicaJones is not perfect. She’s highly flawed but she’s dealing with her demons the best she can and I love her for it.

As an abuse survivor with PTSD, I can relate to her struggles. I see myself being the relunctant hero that she is. I cope with anxiety everyday. The show hit me really hard and was hard to watch, but it’s my favorite. She makes me feel not so alone.

I read Alias when I was 14 and it was one of the things that taught me how to empathize with people who had experienced abuse and help me cope with my own abuse, it’s still my favorite comic to this day. She wasn’t OK for most of the book, but in the end she faces her abuser head on and makes a better life for herself and her family

Jess stands out to me because she is a good example of what PTSD/grief will do to a person. You can’t snap your fingers and get over it; you have to learn to live with those scars.

JJ has taught me that even as messed up as I am, that it’s OKAY. That even if I’m damaged to hell and back from PTSD, that doesn’t mean I’m broken so long as I get back up.

Everyone has spoken so well about the ptsd & being a survivor. So I’ll hit it from another angle. The comic was outstanding. 1st those Mack watercolor covers set a mood. Then inside some of BMB best writing. I consider it the gem of the Max imprint. The Purple Man was and is one of the most frightening villains I’ve even encounter in a comic book. Jess is gritty, unapologetic &, tough as nails. It’s also the start of her and Luke one of the most realistic relationships in comics. Then came the show & I rarely say this but it was even better. The way they represented her struggles was raw & at times unwatchable because it was so real. If you can’t guess I consider it one of the best live action things Marvel has ever produced.

Jessica Jones is the perfect example of dealing with and facing your PTSD. She also puts her family first, even going against her husband if it means a better life for her daughter. But also she isn’t afraid to call bullsh*t either, you can’t pretend with Jessica Jones.

She’s a beautifully complicated survivor who does not adopt a Pollyanna sunshine -n-light-I’m-lucky-to-be-alive attitude in the face of all her trauma. Violence done to her left scars. She wears them like her leather jacket- in plain view and all the time. She’s real.

She is imperfect- she never looked like so many  other women in comics, never acted like them. She exhibites raw, violent emotion and power but she evolves, she heals, she confronts. She is real.

I love that her life is messy. That she doesn’t have the answers. That she tries to be a hero, a wife, and a mother, and while not always being the best, always GIVES it her best. Also she curses more than I do and I fucking love to curse. A fighter, a survivor, and a hero.

I’ve always liked JJ because she’s perfectly imperfect. She’s been through some serious trauma and she’s understandably hurt, angry, impulsive, and a complete mess because of it.  That said, she’s also a survivor who is fiercely loyal and protective of those she loves.

Because she shows being angry and damaged doesn’t mean you need to be warped and cruel. I love Madam Gao’s title for her ‘The Unyielding Woman’. As she stands, so shall I

JJ Matters to me because she’s real. She isn’t picturesque. She’s flawed. She has a set of skills we don’t often see in women characters and she isn’t the typical sex symbol. I love the heavy dose of reality her stories bring to Marvel

She shows reality, she isn’t the typical female super hero. Her life doesn’t revolve around she being superpowered. You can see in her every flaw a woman can have. And she’s a great mom.


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