Missions that Matter Follow-Up: Stack Up Overwatch Program

STOP-Squad-Logo-red-version-300x295Listen Here | Download Here

*trigger warning, this episode we discuss suicide and trauma* 

This week we sat down with Elvis from Stack Up to talk about what has changed since we last spoke in Episode 19. As Program Director of the Stack Up Overwatch Program (StOP), he explained how the charity had grown in the last year and how the organization is using StOP to bring awareness to suicide prevention and promote positive mental health. We hear about how they help, the power of using Discord for crisis intervention, and where they’ll be next.

Elvis on Twitter | @GamingDaddyio  | Twitch

Where to find Stack-Up.Org
Twitter Twitch | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube |Website

How to get involved
Supply Crates | Air Assault | Stacks | Streaming | Discord

StOP program
More Info here | Polygon Article


music used from: bensound.com and “Bandolero” by Don Omar

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