Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

But why tho_ the podcast (2)

Every week Adrian, Kate, Stefani, Monica, and Anthony make their way through the land of Neverwinter with Asa as their Dungeon Master. Catch them as they fight off bosses, fight off alcohol, and make some critical wins and mistakes along the way. We do have some technical stumbles and arrows to the knee in our first session but as we progress our set-up levels up too.

Asa Big Mountain – @AsaBigM
Dungeon Master

Kate Sanchez – @ohmymithrandir
Dura Alamur – Half-Orc Barbarian

Adrian Ruiz – @superruiz93
Wase Darkcloud – Half-Elf Warlock

Stefani Ruiz – @stefanihearts
Uvory Darkcloud – Half-Elf Cleric

Anthony Ruiz – @arizona_ant (Instagram)
Drakon Darkblood – Wood Elf Druid

Monica Lawson – @homegrown_honey93 (Instagram)
Ayami Phoenix – Half-Elf Monk

D&D Session 1



D&D Session 2




D&D Session 3





D&D Session 4



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