Fan But Why Thos: Black Panther

BP matters to me because this recent run is among the best comics I’ve ever read. Coates’ writing & pacing are superb.

BP matters to me because it is important to the Twitter fam that they get representation.  I see how excited they are for this movie, for the merch and I want this for them. 

Black Panther matters to me because of the power of image the character represents. Strength, Nobility and intelligence are a few of the traits the characters have that I’m excited for me daughters to see on screen.

Black Panther matters to me because he’s a prominent, genius, resourceful, and incredibly deep black hero who is an empowering figure for poc everywhere. I’m not black but to see him so highly revered makes me hopeful for other powerful poc heroes to be revered as well, including Kurdish or Middle Eastern heroes in the future. 

Black Panther matters to me because as a black woman at an HBCU and hearing how the community wants to see themselves in the glorified light we deserve and to see ourselves in this character and his female warriors and scientists and say “I can be like that if not better” just fills me up with inspiration. Makes me really want this electrical Engineering degree to see if I can make something as lit as their tech. Just seeing the different elements of black culture in him and the people that surround him is what the world needs to see to show that unity is key to success. I just like that this character and movie will be more eye opening for all and inspire all no matter race age sexuality whatever everyone will get the feels.  

BP is special to me bc he isn’t token diversity. He’s a character that has been around since 1966, has a substantial backstory, and holds an elite status in the Marvel comics universe. Also, I think it’s pretty great that he’s a king in addition to a superhero. It gives his character extra depth and makes him stand out.A lot of times diversity is like “here’s a POC hero! Now sit over there in the corner while Batman Superman Captain America, etc do the REAL hero stuff”. BP isn’t that. Cap always shows him respect, as do notorious haters like Doom and Namor. 


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