Podcasts, podcasts everywhere….

I am a fan of podcasts – otherwise why would I be here with you, dear Reader?  We listen to them while we do clean the house or on our daily commute.  Maybe some of you listen to them while you fall asleep or as a way to unwind at the end of a long day.  We have our favorites – our favorite podcasters, our favorite genres, our favorite intro and outro songs.  We become lifelong fans of folks that we listen to and we eagerly await the next episode. And, according to Myndset, there is definitely a podcast out there for you:  There were 115,000 active podcasts in 2016 and that number has only gone up for 2017.

In full disclosure, my favorite genre for podcasts is True Crime.  I adore true crime.  Why?  Because, like millions of others, I find the reasons why the crime happened and how it was (hopefully) solved, fascinating.  I’m not the only one.  There is an entire cable channel that is dedicated to true crime, online communities dedicated to it, an a number of podcasts that cover it.  It is a growing genre and we humans give it plenty of material to keep the genre going.

There are podcasts for everyone, for every taste and every interest.  And podcasts are taking over the world.  Podcast Insights put together this great little infographic about podcasts for 2017 and the statistics might surprise you.


What this infographic doesn’t show is that 56% of listeners are men and 44% are women and that 42% of us listen to the entire episode, while 44% of us listen to most of the episode (who are you monsters?).

With more of America cutting the wire from cable and finding other means of entertainment, it’s not surprising that so many of us listen to podcasts today.  Podcasts are also great for a society that is on the go constantly.  Personally, I have a 4 hour round-trip commute four days a week.  This is when I listen to my podcasts.  Part of it in the car (yes, I’m that person on the Turnpike with earbuds in her ear driving) and part of it on the train.

How did I get started though?  I read an article about Serial and their podcast on Adnen Syed. (Don’t click the link if you haven’t listened, it has spoilers)  I was at work when I listened to my first episode and couldn’t stop listening.  I binge listened to that puppy in one day.  Now, I have some set podcasts that I listen to (this being one of them) and I listen whenever I can.  I cut the wire long ago and have not had a television in my house for about 5 years and I don’t miss it.  Podcasts help me through my laundry days and my kitchen cleaning and when I want to sit and relax and lose myself in a story.

Dear reader, when did you get hooked on podcasts?  Tell me about your first podcast love below and what your favorites are now.  I can’t wait to hear from you!


Author: robinedgell

I'm currently a graduate student in the Social Work program at Rutgers University in New Jersey. I love trivia and history and movies and true crime- I'm damn good at pub trivia games! I'm excited to be a part of the But Why Tho? community!

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