What Sarah J is Looking Forward to in 2018

I’m not one for making resolutions, because I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment. I don’t want to let myself down. But media: movies, comics, games, books? Hoo boy, do I put my heart out there, ready to swell with pride and happiness from their success, break from pain from their failure or even worse, feel ambivalent from their mediocrity.

Here’s a smattering if what I’m looking forward to in 2018.

1) Marvel properties

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage seasons 2. Black Panther. Avengers: Infinity War. Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors. Ant-Man and the Wasp. Cloak and Dagger. More Runaways. I am a self admitted Marvel fangirl. My favorite superheroes are Marvel and I think they’re crushing it with the MCU. I am more excited about some of these properties than I am the others. No lie, I forgot that Ant-Man and the Wasp was coming out this year. But Marvel is just putting out so much in 2018, that it’s hard not to be thrilled about at least a few of these titles.

I’m most looking forward to Black Panther. The film looks stunning. The cast and crew couldn’t be better suited to their roles and jobs. And yeah, it’s a MCU film with a predominately black cast. This film is going to be unabashedly African and that’s effing rad. The most advanced civilization on Earth is in ‘the heart of deepest Africa,’ a location in fiction most associated with ‘savages,’ ‘the uncivilized,’ the ‘dirty,’ and the ‘simple.’ I think it’s going to set an amazing precedent for Marvel going forward- more diversity on screen and behind the camera.

2) Critical Role Campaign 2

This starts in a week and I’m hype. I’ve been watching CR for a little over a year, and it’s been a magical year. I fell in love with the characters from the first campaign, and can’t wait to meet the new characters. The actors care about each other so much, and you can tell they’re having fun. They also genuinely love and appreciate the community (Critters) as well.

3) RuPaul’s Drag Race

Consistently the best reality show on TV. The artistry. The talent. The quotes. All-Stars 3 starts soon and I’m going to be putting my support behind ChiChi Devayne. She’s the best lip synch artist I’ve ever seen in the show, and her personality is aces. #teamChiChi

4) Ocean’s 8

I unabashedly love the Ocean’s Trilogy, and now there’s going to be one with an all female team. I bought in to this movie with the publicity stills and the trailer has only made me more excited.

5) GLOW season 2

Speaking of female led media, GLOW blew me away in 2017. Women were allowed to be petty, determined, strong, naive, angry. You know, human. I’m no fan of professional wrestling, but I respect the wrestlers who commit to the storylines, act with all they’ve got, and put their bodies through the ringer for their fans. So it’s neat to watch a dramatized version of what goes on behind the scenes.

6) The Boys in The Band

I had a conversation this weekend about the AIDS crisis with some friends, most straight. When another queer person and I dropped stats about how many people died, especially queer men, they were flabbergasted. There’s a whole generation of queer men that was all but wiped out, men who would now be in their 60s. Men who could have created so much, done so much good. And younger generations of queer folk have no idea. Those of us in the generation between, people who were young in the late 80s and early 90s when AIDS was very much still talked about, are left to bridge the gap, and remind younger folks of what we as a community have gone through and lost. So I’m excited for The Boys in The Band to be back on Broadway, and starring out gay actors, popular actors at that, so maybe younger people will pay attention. It’s a play on Broadway, not known for reaching wide audiences, but if it does well, it may be made into a movie, just like The Normal Heart was a few years ago.

7) Haven Con

This con is home to me. It’s a LGBTQIA+ geek convention here in Austin, TX and this year will be its fourth year. The panels span from those that encompass both parts the queer and the geeky- the history of queer superheroes, bi/pan visibility in genre media, queer coding of villains- to those that focus on one or the other- mental health in the trans community or learning how to make pieces for cosplay. It’s a small con, by virtue of those it serves, but it has great heart and is the most welcoming con I’ve ever been to. I’ve been lucky enough to attend since it’s inception, and even speak last year and at the upcoming con. My (straight) friend who helped me with my AV last year wants to go again, because he had so much fun last year. He likes hearing different perspectives and just hanging out with fellow geeks. Here’s the link if you want to read up and maybe plan on attending! We’d love to see you there! http://www.havencontx.com

That’s most of my list. There are recurring shows and events I’m looking forward to: Texas Renaissance Festival, Sherwood Forest Faire (it’s my first year as a cast member!), Brooklyn 99, Saga, sadly not Game of Thrones, but the ones I’ve listed are really making my heart pump with glee right now.

I’m sure as more projects are announced, release dates set and word of mouth spread, there’ll be a whole new list of things for me to fangirl about. And isn’t that wonderful? Artists are constantly creating new media for us to consume, and I love them for it.


Author: atxraven

Howdy! I could spend time listing all of the things I love, but as shorthand I’ll give you this: my two favorite movies when I was about 10 were Dune and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. I think that’s says a lot about my personality: queer, femme, weird, geeky, artsy. My life is absorbed by D&D right now, and I’m excited to be performing at Sherwood Forest Faire this year. Welcome to my writings. @SarahJacobs_ATX on Twitter fangirlfeministe on Tumblr

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