Nikko’s List of His Favorite 2017 Releases

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2017 Releases

2017 by far had some amazing releases in all sorts of areas. Yes, there were some things that I thought were huge disappointments (like Justice League), but there’ll be time for that list later. You may be reading this saying “How could he miss…” or “Why did he say that about Justice League”. Please understand that this list is my own opinion. Now without any further adieu, here is the list of my favorite top 2017 releases.

1. Beauty and the Beast

2017 Releases

“Wow, he actually liked Beauty and the Beast?” Just hear me out. I know that this movie isn’t the greatest movie in the world, but I’m a huge fan of Ewan McGregor and Emma Watson which is why this is on my top 2017 releases. Mr. McGregor’s performance in Moulin Rouge is still one of the most hauntingly beautiful things I’ve ever seen. And of course Emma Watson became my elementary school crush as soon as I saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I understand why some people don’t like it, especially with certain things being said right before the film came out, but watching it brought me warm feelings of my childhood. Plus the CGI of the palace workers was spectacular.

2. Logan

When Hugh Jackman announced that he was departing from the role of Wolverine and that his last film would be Logan, I was devastated. I hoped and pleaded that the film gave him a proper send off. And that’s exactly what it was. From the first trailer, I knew that this film would surpass all my expectations. It gave me some Last of Us vibes, which made me even more excited to see it.  Dafne Keen as X-23 was perfectly cast and was just so amazing to see her act. Sir Patrick Stewart’s performance as Charles Xavier never disappoints. Just like with Jackman, I think Mr. Stewart received a proper send off. The chemistry between Jackman and Keen as the film developed left me speechless. BTW, I’ll be a bit upset if this film doesn’t get nominated for an Oscar while Justice League does. But anyways, I’ll just leave this picture here for you to get a proper visual of me walking out of the film.

3. Lovely Little Lonely – The Maine

2017 Releases

I just had to include this in here in my top 2017 releases. This might be one of my favorite albums of all time. For those of you who don’t know, The Maine is an alternative rock band from Tempe, Arizona. Lovely Little Lonely is their 6th studio album. Every album that this band has released has a different sound, which makes each album that much more unique. Words can’t describe just how amazing this album is. It’s something that you just have to experience it for yourself.

4. Spiderman Homecoming

2017 Releases

Like many others, I hated the idea that we would get yet another Spider-Man reboot. I figured that Sony had run out of ideas again. But once the videos surfaced of him doing his own stunts, a small bit of hope grew for me. I thought that if it isn’t the best Spider-Man film then at least it’ll be somewhat entertaining. His appearance in Civil War, I had full hope that his film would be great. After going opening night to watch the film, I was confident enough to say that he has done the best portrayal of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. This is one film that 5 years from now I will never get tired of seeing.

5. Uncharted Series

2017 Releases

Yeah, I was one of those kids who didn’t have the opportunity to play the Uncharted series when each game came out. For some reason, those games never quite interested me. Early January when the Nathan Drake Collection was on sale for $20, I decided to pick it up. After the first hour of me playing Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, I immediately hated myself for not playing these games before. I pulled two consecutive all-nighters to finish the three games and fell in love with the series. After finishing the trilogy, I picked up A Thief’s End and pulled yet another all-nighter. Once The Lost Legacy was announced, I immediately pre-ordered it and it definitely did not disappoint. Still don’t know who to feel about the upcoming film, but the video game series is one that I never get tired of playing.

6. Stranger Things Season 2

Like 75% of the human population, I was eagerly awaiting for the second season of Stranger Things. With that one year break between seasons 1 and 2, fan theories sprung like wildfire. Once season 2 came out, I knew I couldn’t contain myself, so I binge-watched the whole season on Halloween weekend. I do agree with some who say that solo episode on Jane was a bit out-of-place, but I see the importance that it had. Steve becoming the protector of the kids has suddenly made him one of my favorite characters. The actor who played as Will did an amazing job and definitely showed that he could act. Season one didn’t show much of him so I didn’t know how to feel about him having more screen time. BTW, allowing the kids to swear made the show that much more amazing. Just sayin’.

7. The Punisher

Whoever decided to add Tom Waits’ song “Hell Broke Luce” as the song for episode one’s fight scene is my hero. WIth that said, The Punisher has become my second favorite Marvel Netflix show, being tied with Daredevil season 1. Before watching the show, I didn’t know much about who The Punisher was. My only introduction was the film that came out in the early 2000’s. Episode one took a long time to pick up but once it went it, I was hooked. No matter what anyone says, Jon Bernthal is The Punisher. Ben Barnes’ portrayal of Billy Russo was incredible. Other than Kilgrave from Jessica Jones, Russo has become the villain that I love to hate. This show also does an incredible job on displaying several issues that pertain to military service and the implications from it.

8. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Regardless of any of the complaints on this film, I’m still putting it on here. Everything that someone can say about this film has already been said. The silent scene in this film blew me away. The whole room I was in gasped out loud when it happened. It’s officially my favorite scene from any film I’ve watched. If I can just say one thing – Poe is definitely not sexist.

There are countless 2017 releases I could have put on here, but these are the immediate things that had a big impact in making this year an awesome year for me.