Episode 48: 2017, Year in Review

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This week we recapped everything that happened in 2017. With the podcast, with our lives, and in popular culture. Find out our favorites, our worst, our underwhelming, and where we’re taking the pod in 2018.

We also want to say a special thanks to all of the guests we had this year! You’ll hear from them throughout the episode.


Alex Paterno, @MostAlwaysAlex
From What We Talk About When We Talk About, Frightday.com, Game Boys Podcast

Sceritz, @IVWall
From #DoYouEvenComicBook on Twitter and Wakanda IV Lyfe

Lanie Lopez, @tcfcpod/@allpretendpod
From True Crime Fan Club Podcast and We’re All Pretending

Ryan Kapioski, @RPKapi
From Game Boys Podcast and The Fire Keepers on Goombastomp.com

JR Forasteros, @jrforasteros
From The Story Men podcast and Don’t Split Up!, norvillerogers.com

Tim, @TSeaTaughtMe
Podcast information TBA

Brittney & Justine, @BrittneyLitz & @Justinie_V
From It’s About Damn Crime

Jason Flatt, @Flatter_You
From Holy star Wars

Terrence Miller, @GFE_TerrenceM
Member of Gale Force Esports Pro Hearthstone team

Swara Salih, @SwaraSalih1
From Beltway Banthas


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