Ash’s Favorite Movies Of 2017

2017 was a fantastic year for movies I had a good time with just about everything I saw this year, with a few notable exceptions ( I’m looking at you Geostorm). This list is 100 percent my opinion and based almost solely on how happy or intrigued these films made me. I’m sure some of these picks will make some folks absolutely furious, but nevertheless these are some of my favorite movies of 2017 in no particular order!

Blade Runner 2049  


I am a massive fan of the original Blade Runner and I was certain that 2049 could not live up to my expectations. When I sat down in the theater I was pretty apathetic about the film, but as soon as I saw the opening scene I knew everything was in capable hands.  Not only did it surpass every single one of my expectations, but it is a wonderful film in its own right that doesn’t really require watching the original to enjoy.

Beauty And The Beast  


Wait no come back! I’ll admit this movie was not the greatest film that’s ever been made, I can’t even say that it holds a candle to the original. I understand all the hate this movie got, but at the same time it made me feel so stupidly happy while I was watching it. The classic story and musical numbers reimagined for live action, along with some fantastic visuals and genuinely charming performances made for some of the most fun I had at the theater this year.

Spider-Man Homecoming


I had given up hope on a truly amazing (get it?) Spider-man movie ever being made. That was until I heard the news that Sony decided to play ball and give him back to Marvel.  They did such a good job with him in Captain America Civil War and I was so excited about what they would do with him in his own adventure. Homecoming is everything I’ve ever wanted from a Spider-Man film. This is the Wall Crawler we know and love, but with new elements we’ve never seen before that only add to the enjoyment of film. I saw it 4 times in theaters and it only got better with each viewing


Wind River


I’ll be honest I only watched this movie because it had Hawkeye and The Scarlet Witch in it, but it turned out to be a very powerful film that had me hooked the entire way through. If you missed this movie in theaters, you should definitely check it out on Blu-Ray. You won’t regret it.

The Shape Of Water


I was so excited about this movie the minute I heard about it, I mean Guillermo Del Toro directing a slightly disturbing fairy tale? Sign me up! When I watched the movie however I was not expecting it to be as beautiful a love story as it is. It was definitely is the most unique film I saw this year in all the best possible ways!

The Last Jedi


I really love Star Wars, so it’s really no surprise that a Star Wars movie is my favorite thing that came out for the third year in a row. There is really nothing I can say about the Last Jedi that hasn’t already been said, but I will say I loved every minute of it subverting my expectations and challenging me on how I thought about my favorite film franchise. It also has Porgs which are my new favorite thing on this planet ( I may or may not own 5 of them) and that certainly doesn’t hurt how much I love this movie!


Author: ashrendar

Just a gal who really loves talking about movies and pop culture. Host of the Skyhoppers Podcast.

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