Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for a Cosplayer

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Holiday gift ideas

If you’re anything like me, you understand the pains of gift buying. Gift ideas don’t come easy. Which is why I’m prone to buying gifts extremely late and trying not to make it look like I hadn’t bought a gift last minute (which I did). Now, a group of people that can be pretty hard to buy gifts for are cosplayers. And, since I fit nicely into that category of people, I’m here to give you a few gift-giving ideas so that maybe you won’t be put into my last-minute-gift-buying situation. So if you want some cosplay holiday gift ideas, read on.

Make something

Most cosplayers are crafty. If they’re not making their costumes, they’re often altering them. Because of this, cosplayers know how much time and effort it takes to make something by hand. So, for you to take the time to sit down and create something, it really shows you care. If you need specific ideas, look up DIY craft ideas on Google. There are a plethora of ideas and tutorials to pick from. Plus, going this route is usually pretty cheap.

Gift cards!!!

If you’re not the crafty sort, you can always give your cosplayer buddy some gift cards. There are various stores that are a staple for cosplayers so it’s relatively easy to do some research and snooping before buying gift card or two. I’ll add a list of online stores that either offer gift cards or are just stores that are integral to costume-making below.

If you know of a costume they’re making, chip in.

This requires some conversing and, ultimately, they’ll probably know what sort of present your buying. Don’t assume what sorts of items they may need. It’s a waste of money for you to go buy fabric that the cosplayer already has or doesn’t even need. Even though this method doesn’t lead to any sort of surprise, your buddy will still appreciate it. You can also chip in by giving them the easy and simple gift of money!


Cosplays always start with the basics: fabric, glue, foam, paint, etc. If you know the sorts of projects your cosplayer works on, it’s easy enough to do a little bit of snooping to see what supplies they use on a regular basis and buy accordingly. Word of wisdom: it’s pretty important to pay attention to the brand. For some supplies, one brand is far superior to another.

Some important sites:

Arda Wigs


JOANN Fabrics and Crafts


A bit controversially: Hobby Lobby