Resident Evil: Fan But Why Thos

Resident Evil (movies) matter to me bc it shows how badass a female actress can be. The only stunts Mila doesn’t do are the ones that the director won’t allow her to do bc she could actually die…other than those few she does them all herself!

So I’ve been a fan of the franchise when I was 9 and I was watching my dad play RE 2. It was terrifying to me but other than the memories of spending time with my dad I loved Resident Evil 2 because it introduced me to Claire Redfield. Tomb Raider was out too but I never looked up to Lara Croft the way I looked up to Claire Redfield. She was out looking for her family, didn’t know what was what and took care of a little girl and helped Leon keep his stuff together all while being compassionate and powerful. To this day I still love RE2 and all the games. But there’s a special part in my heart and that I still in a way admire this video game character. Also her voice actress really just empowered females and little gamer girls like myself at the time RE2 came out!

First adult game I ever played. And played. And played. And then bought the original trilogy on the PS Vita last year to play. And play…

Finely tuned claustrophobia. Always gets to me how constrained and alone those games make you feel (at least the first and the latest)

A pioneer in survival horror that managed to evolve, experiment, and pull in many other genres over time. For better or worse.

It did zombies before zombies were kewl. Do we have to talk about the movies?


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