Episode 44: Missions that Matter, the 501st Legion


Listen Here | Download Here

We all love popular culture, but few of us use it to do good in the world. In this Missions that Matters episode, we got to sit down with a member of the Red Sands Patrol, the El Paso, TX squad of the global organization: The 501st Legion. Dressed as Stormtroopers, Tie Pilots, Vader, and more, the 501st Legion uses their love of Star Wars to give back to their communities and bring the community together through their love of the franchise. Yes, they even work with rebel scum.

This interview is reflective of the West Texas Squadron of Star Garrison and specifically the activities and events of the El Paso chapter.

All music used is by John Williams and owned by the Walt Disney Company. 
Support the Red Sands Patrol & West Texas Squad of Star Garrison
Facebook: Red Sands Patrol | TK 3235  – Star Garrison | West Texas Squad
You can also reach out to the Red Sands Patrol if you’re interested in
getting involved through their Facebook group here.
501st Legion
For more information on the organization or to
find out the unit nearest you, go to to 501st.com
Mission Statement | Charity | Costume Reference Library | Unit Listings

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