The Punisher: Fan But Why Thos

@GamingDaddyio Assistant Director Stack-Up a great organization that we interviewed back in episode 19
The Punisher himself is a war hero and a recon marine vet. He has that wrong side of heaven and righteous side of hell thing. He has a strong sense of brotherhood and is willing to be wounded and killed and so on in a selfless manner just to protect others. The Punisher has essentially been alienated from society and most people don’t understand why he does what he does. He’s an anti-hero. He’s not here to make friends but to do what is right even when others object, Like the military when he shows up…something horrible had to occur to bring him there. The Punisher symbol has been so powerful for the military forces that a few comic books included real military members. Iraq and Afghan forces trained by the US have also adopted the Punisher symbol as well.  

@IVWall, host of Wakanda IV Lyfe 
I’d say he matters to service members because he embodies what it means to be a soldier, he follows the mission until the mission is complete. Even if that mission is one he decreed upon himself. Also I would note that like in the military he ALWAYS gives Steve Rogers the utmost respect like an enlisted would do an officer in the military.

@TaskvsTheWorld, host of the Supersuit show
Frank is the tragic character.  People focus so much on the violence that they forget that this is a man who lost his family. Behind the tough exterior, he’s a grieving, traumatized man who is on a mission that NEVER ends. He’ll NEVER find peace, he’ll NEVER be satisfied.

Because….he is the guy who gets shit done. The guy who acknowledges that he’s kinda fucked up and his methods are as well. He’s unrelenting, uncompromising and ain’t trying to be a hero. He showed ’em baddies that if the victim strikes back, hell will break loose.

While some don’t appreciate the dark corners of the real world invading Comics, he was a bronze age antihero bred from the crime and vigilantism creators experienced first hand in 70’s NY.

@Flatter_You, Host of Holy Star Wars podcast
In terms of the MCU rendition (only one I’m super familiar with) he helps show no matter who you are (proud hypermasculine catholic, alcoholic woman with trauma, black man with prison history, super rich white dude with no understanding of reality, hardcore military man). Struggling is normal and everyone does it and you don’t have to cope with it in the unhealthy way his character does at the start you can open up and heal like he starts to and hopefully does throughout his character arc, or else at least shows that not opening up will kill him


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