Assassin’s Creed: Fan But Why Thos

@TheDopestQBeezy via Twitter
My first experience playing AC was one of amazement, i had never played a game that was so multifaceted. Between the sneaking, double air assassinations, brutal open conflict combos, amazing story, and sheer amount of history highlighted; I knew within the first 15 minutes of playing that, this was a game that no matter how many they put out, I was going to buy them. And I did, unfortunately. After AC:Black Flag the series took a dip and seemed like more of a money gran. Gone were the developed characters of Ezio, Desmond, Ratonhnake:ton, and Edward Kenway. Instead we were given boring unfulfilling characters and storylines. I wish the developers would have taken a couple years off to explore different avenues instead of cranking these games out one every year. i.e. GTA

@Flatter_You host of @Holy_StarWars via Twitter
Oh my god yes. Where to even start? Few games have so much research put into them as they do. The landscapes are amazing. The gameplay was revolutionary and continues to push the open world action/stealth genre harder and better than any franchise. Pirates. Tons of collectibles.While the plots are not always as great as I wish they were, the morals they struggle with are deep and important. Also the overall lore. Oh and also I LOVE the AC Chronicles titles and sooo hope we get more some day. AC Origins is my one purchase this season besides Mario. Oh and I’ve just always found the “this game was made by a diverse team” not only a legal thing but really a statement on their ethics. Sorry I keep going on but I can literally talk about this for hours. I also have a strange affinity for the actor (and the sea shanties).

@JntPodcast via Twitter
The architecture.

@GamingDaddyio via Twitter
I’m obsessed with the Brotherhood

@YFAOFM host of @HileOnLife
The graphics are always amazing, I love how they weave historical events into their own fictional narrative…I love all the parkour.

The mother of games. I lost many nights of my life to that original game and if I started playing again I won’t be able to stop.



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