Episode 35: Star Trek Captains Matter…But Why Tho?

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Star Trek Captains

This week, in honor of Star Trek: Discovery, we’re talking about the most important debate topic in the Star Trek fandom: The Captains. We walk through what makes them tick, what makes them unique, and ultimately how their personalities have melded with our own. We don’t go through the history of Trek but you can tune in to Episode 4 to check that out. Instead we keep focus and try to find a captain for Chris Pine lover and Trek newbie Matt. Let us know who your favorite captain is why they matter to you.

We want to know what Captains you think we are!
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Music used: Star Trek: The Next Generation — Opening theme


Kirk — Kobayashi Maru (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) moment

Picard — Four Lights

Sisko — In the Past

Janeway — Taking Charge