Episode 34: Missions the Matter, SideQuest

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This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Brian Truong, Executive Director of SideQuest, a charitable organization that aims to connect gamers and use their passion for nerdy things to do good. For more information how you can get involved, check out the shownotes below. We talk about the power of community engagement, meet-ups, and explore how SideQuest connects gamers to charities like Stack-Up.org and Extra Life. The full interview will be released this weekend 9/23/2017.
For our full interview with Brian Truong, click here.


Reach out directly to Brian Truong for more information: brian@sidequest.org
How to Get Involved
Volunteer as a Spectre for SideQuest Community Weekend 2018 (Aug 2nd-5th, in Austin)… applications go out around March
Support future charity streams (new Twitch page coming soon!)
Make a PayPal donation through the SideQuest website

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