INTERVIEW: SideQuest with Executive Director, Brian Truong

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Brian Truong, Executive Director of SideQuest, a charitable organization that aims to connect gamers and uses their passion for nerdy things to do good. For more information about how you can get involved, check out the show notes below. We talk about the power of community engagement, meet-ups, and explore how SideQuest connects gamers to charities like and Extra Life. For our full interview with Brian Truong, click here.

Founded in 2011, SideQuest is a community of gamers who believe that our passion for the nerdy things we love can be harnessed for a greater good. They aim to bring gamers together not only in the name of fun, but also in the name of raising awareness and support for worthy, charitable causes, and to build friendships across the many walks of life present in the gaming community.


Reach out directly to Brian Truong for more information:
How to Get Involved
Volunteer as a Spectre for SideQuest Community Weekend 2018 (Aug 2nd-5th, in Austin)… applications go out around March
Make a PayPal donation through the SideQuest website
This episode is a part of an old series, titled “Missions That Matter,” a segment of But Why Tho? the podcast. Here hosts, Kate, Adrian, and Matt interview those who are using pop culture for good in their spaces. Whether its building community or driving charity, all their missions matter.