Sailor Moon: Fan But Why Thos

@fidel.casserole via Instagram
Although it made not have been the first magical girl anime, it is commonly known as what started the genre. It was so huge it was translated into over 20 languages around the world and watched and loved by (mostly) little girls around the world. It had the female protagonist save her male significant other the majority of the time showing she didn’t need no man! It introduced a LGTB relationship to a young audience during the early 1990s (though some was edited out in certain regions). The creator of sailor moon, Naoko Takeuchi, went to medical school because they told her she wasn’t good enough to be a manga artist. Just to name a few…

Amanda Mrozinski via Facebook
Loved it as a kid and I love it now. There was something about each of the girls I could relate to. There still is even though it’s different now compared to then.

Kellie Waters via Facebook
I love the transformation sequences even when she would use her moon pen to transforme into a disguise. As a kid I remember when Darien broke up with Serena it was super impactful to me as a kid. Now I’m watching the viz. dub seeing how it actually went down rather than the the butchered version dic gave to us. And I love it just the same or even more! Not loving the new sailor Neptune Voice but at least her at Neptune are “cousins”. As a kid sailor Neptune and sailor Uranus were my favorite it was so obvious that they were in a relationship it just confused me why they were cousins and in a relationship…


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