Game of Thrones: Fan But Why Thos

Jon Murphy:
Favorite house: Lannister. Totally not trying be contrarian but what is the name of the show? the Game of Thrones.They play the game better than anyone, particularly when Tywin was alive or when Tyrion was hand. They are cunning and totally shouldn’t ever be counted out. I am not saying they are the good guys or the ones who should win, but they are the family that knows what they are doing. the only ways that they lose is when the writers want to please the audience

Derek Syner:
Favorite character: tie between Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark
Favorite House: Stark
Hate the Most: Tie between Cersi and Ramsey Bolton (low key kinda love Cersi at the same time though so its confusing)
Whose taking the throne? Either Jon or Daenereys (Jon better ride one of those dragons since he’s half Targaryen)
Reasons I love the show: Its absolutely ruthless and pretty unpredictable. It really sucks you in and for having so many stories going at once it does an amazing job of tying them all together and really bringing things full circle. Hands down one of the best shows I’ve ever watched.

Anthony De Leon:
Favorite: Lady Mormont and Sam
House: Stark
Hate: Littlefinger
Taking the throne: Jon. He doesn’t want it and I think that’s what makes him the best option. It would also be fitting since we can now assume that Sam is the one who will record this history.
Why do I love the show?
The show is so incredibly and intentionally detailed. I can go back to Season 1 and find foreshadowing that comes about in Season 6. It’s also amazing the level of detail that has gone into developing a history that is not portrayed in the show, even much earlier than Robert’s Rebellion. It’s an incredible analysis of the struggle for power and ethical leadership, of at all possible. You can analyze it philosophically, psychologically, etc. It’s the best show I’ve ever seen

Triston Jones: Favorite character: Jon Snow/Varys
House: Stark
Hate the most: I’m not sure I hate anyone anymore. Kinda hated Ellaria Sand but not that strongly.
What I love most about the show is how it expounds on the ironies of power, desire, honor, revenge, etc. It also shows how silly petty familial squabbles are to the ultimate larger picture of world building. Every single character is dynamic and complex (except the Mountain) and the scope of George’s fictional universe is mind-blowing, not even counting the books.

Color Me Dead Podcast (Angel): George RR Martin is amazing. The imagination each character, no matter how small is complex and interesting in its own way. Stories are deep and while it’s fantasy, its real and plays on every possible human emotion


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