Crossover Event 2: Harlots on Hulu


Listen Here | Download Here

In our second Crossover Event, Kate sits down with Lanie Lopez, host of the True Crime Fan Club Podcast, to talk about the Hulu Original show: Harlots. Set in the 18th century, the show provides a commentary on feminism, femininity, agency, and motherhood all through the eyes of the harlots of Great Britain. Written and directed by women, Harlots serves as a look into the lives of women often forgotten or pushed aside and tells their story through their perspective and how they find their power and identity in a world that would strip them of them. They recap the season, give our predictions for season 2, and applaud the show-runners for paying attention to race when many other period-dramas ignore it. Sit back, drop 20 quid in the bowl, and listen to their takes on this phenomenal show.

Where to find Lanie

twitter: @tcfcpod | facebook: /tcfcpodcast| instagram: @tcfcpodcast

For an individual recap of each episode, check out Kate’s reviews here.
(the remaining episode reviews will be posted by 7/25)


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